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Singing Bee Game - FUNNY AF OMG

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  • 게시일 2018. 12. 11.
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댓글 • 10 825

  • hunny bunny
    hunny bunny 2 년 전 +2649

    Can we just think about the fact that Princess’s voice is actually GOOD. Like, tell me I’m wrong. I dare you.

  • Sam M
    Sam M 2 년 전 +5640

    other youtubers:spends like $1000 for props
    bretman rock:uses a lint roller.

    • Just T
      Just T 6 개월 전

      @Arden Bliss …uhhm- stay innocent 😃☝🏽

    • Sam M
      Sam M 년 전

      Andrew Hernandez u thought what now???

    • Jeremy Bella
      Jeremy Bella 2 년 전 +3

      My stupid ass thinking its a toothbrush

    • Arden Bliss
      Arden Bliss 2 년 전

      @Kyz Kyah Whats That?

  • Nishika Jain
    Nishika Jain 2 년 전 +2765

    At 8:18 bretman looked so proudly at Mae. It legit warmed my heart

    • Valery
      Valery 8 개월 전

      Her vocals at that point were so good I loved it

    • Allison Navarro
      Allison Navarro 년 전 +3

      @ttoll • also if princess was hurt or didnt like it she would stick up to for her self and tell bretman to stop.

    • Raegyn’sworldof Beauty
      Raegyn’sworldof Beauty 년 전

      She can sing

    • ttoll •
      ttoll • 년 전 +6

      @kiwibrown their siblings.. if hes being mean why would princess laugh? Tbh I dont see how hes being rude to prinncess and obviously he loves her and they joke around.

    • Random Girl
      Random Girl 2 년 전 +12

      kiwibrown and princess doesn’t care

  • tiara summer
    tiara summer 2 년 전 +4595

    Brentman rock is better than James Charles in my opinion

  • dagoaat
    dagoaat 3 년 전 +13299

    Okay but why princess low-key got vocals 😭

    • ___d4nn4___
      ___d4nn4___ 10 개월 전

      @Annie Chua you ruined the vibe☹️

    • Levi
      Levi 10 개월 전

      @Sabine Wilson PEERIOODTTTT

    • Levi
      Levi 10 개월 전

      @Renée PURRRR SISSS

    • Ailyn Carrillo
      Ailyn Carrillo 년 전

      she’s a singer😭.

  • Precious Joy
    Precious Joy 2 년 전 +446

    Bretman : *sings the rest of the lyrics confidently*
    Kieffer : "It's wrong." 😂😂😂

  • Isabella Kelly
    Isabella Kelly 2 년 전 +1693

    4:11 “you are so ugly princess wtf” 😂
    That got me dead... this is me and my siblings all the time

  • Gabrielle Bilo
    Gabrielle Bilo 2 년 전 +3392

    How Princess went from 6 to 5 at the end?🤣. Bret cheated again..

  • ENZ0
    ENZ0 2 년 전 +270

    I love how they argue about having the right lyrics when they both got it wrong lmao

  • kashmulaa
    kashmulaa 2 년 전 +2409

    *“HOL HOL HOL HOL up........check it out”😭😂.*

    • christianefbowiefan
      christianefbowiefan 년 전 +3

      @yea it was part of the song lol

    • Illuminated Spirit ASMR
      Illuminated Spirit ASMR 년 전 +6

      I REALLY haven't laughed like this in soooo long!!!

    • yea
      yea 년 전 +17

      😭😭😭😭 it wasn’t even part of the lyrics I’m dyingg

  • Army VOppa
    Army VOppa 2 년 전 +289

    8:16 I can’t stop replaying that part they just too cute! #SIBLINGS_LOVE!

  • Le poo
    Le poo 2 년 전 +76

    2:32 *Bretman’s face is priceless AF!* 😂

  • LyssiLooHoo
    LyssiLooHoo 2 년 전 +47

    Now this is a genuine sibling relationship, real love coated with yelling and degrading insults lol

  • Wendaly Cisneros
    Wendaly Cisneros 3 년 전 +1341

    I like how bretman was so confident he was getting the lyrics right 😂😭

    • OnMyMomma
      OnMyMomma 3 년 전 +3

      Jasmine Gomez when he was like (check it out) I cried laughing

  • Sydney Toonday
    Sydney Toonday 2 년 전 +90

    They are ACTUALLY sibling goals omg

  • Natalie Medina
    Natalie Medina 2 년 전 +44

    2:34 where she slapped his arm , had me laughing hard asf 🤣

  • nanniesparrow
    nanniesparrow 2 년 전 +569

    4:31-4:36 introvert problems: when u shy and say the funny joke but no one hears it and then the loud guy steals it and everyone laughs

    • April 11
      April 11 6 개월 전


    • Roses
      Roses 년 전 +1


    • •JustiPooh•
      •JustiPooh• 2 년 전 +10

      I'm just happy when that happens to me they sometimes go "hahaha, they just said-"

  • sandra
    sandra 2 년 전 +485

    6:47 her *laugh* I can’t

    • Sophia Delgado
      Sophia Delgado 년 전

      I laugh like that lmfaoo

    • J
      J 년 전

      her laugh was like a puppy

    • Shelina Begum
      Shelina Begum 2 년 전 +13

      Sounds like those evil witches or something😂😂

  • dante gulafan69
    dante gulafan69 2 년 전 +119

    Why did Princess stopped getting points at 5 points even she’s correct LoL

  • Chatterbox Lane
    Chatterbox Lane 2 년 전 +1

    Princess has me dead!!! She’s just naturally funny like Bretman. Lmfao 😂😂😂

  • Emily San Juan
    Emily San Juan 2 년 전 +56

    99% of the comments abt the actual video
    My comment: bretmans laugh here was honestly kind of adorable 5:24

  • Shyanne Samuel
    Shyanne Samuel 년 전 +1

    I love watching you two together. It’s the best vibe I laugh my guts out. Thanks for making my day

  • ky
    ky 3 년 전 +2349

    the amount of confidence they both had on fergalicious is the amount of confidence I aspire to have

    • your majesti
      your majesti 3 년 전 +1

      Mika Canto - 666 isn’t even bad. I would school you on what it really means but you should look into it more yourself.

    • Mika Canto
      Mika Canto 3 년 전 +4

      I wanna like this comment but its on 666 so.....

    • Jenni Girl
      Jenni Girl 3 년 전 +25

      I feel like princess gain on confidence because she wasn't that outgoing before!

  • Milk Tea🍶
    Milk Tea🍶 년 전 +6

    Near pissed myself on the 2nd song.. Bretmans so focused on his singing, he loses sight of the purpose.
    Mae was on 🔥 and bretman couldn't match her grabbing skills 😂 it was rubbing him the wrong way 😂
    This by far was the best Singing Bee! FAF! 👌

  • kayzz
    kayzz 2 년 전 +17

    6:47 her laugh is amazing

  • Allison Peñaranda
    Allison Peñaranda 년 전 +1

    Why can’t we put millón likes! I’ve been watching this same video 10 times already and can’t stop laughing. God bless you both for coming to our lives, we are very lucky to have very transparent persons like you two.

  • liala brasacchio
    liala brasacchio 2 년 전 +401

    every mom ever
    *’can we play baby shark’*

    • champ reilly
      champ reilly 년 전 +7

      * starts counting the doo doo ‘s * 😭

  • Aquisha Imperio
    Aquisha Imperio 3 년 전 +5373

    **bretman and princess being siblings for 15 minutes straight**
    *edit:* *omg 3k likes thank you!!*

    • Some one
      Some one 2 년 전


    • Some one
      Some one 2 년 전

      Mus kan omg you have to be kidding me.... are u joking?

    • chuuyonce
      chuuyonce 2 년 전

      Mus kan bruh.

    • Kang_Chae Hei
      Kang_Chae Hei 2 년 전


    • Aquisha Imperio
      Aquisha Imperio 2 년 전

      Mus kan oh i meant being a SIBLING ISH material 😂

  • WildClash
    WildClash 2 년 전 +1

    I almost threw up cuz I was laughing so hard 😂😂😂😂
    This was so funny luv u Bretman😂

  • tehya mccord
    tehya mccord 2 년 전 +1

    I didn't stop smiling!! Omg when he scared her in the end! I watched it like 5 times lol

  • Gerald Bryan
    Gerald Bryan 2 년 전 +729

    6:23 Princess: "Natawa ako dun" 😂😂

    • musixxx
      musixxx 년 전 +2

      Literally, it means "I laughed at that" but the more formal subtitle/translation of that is "That's funny". She laughed at 'that' proboblay because it's funny

    • Mhar Astrero
      Mhar Astrero 년 전 +1

      i heard it too lmao

    • Haruki Ono
      Haruki Ono 2 년 전 +1

      Di rin napigilian HAHAHAH

    • magneto
      magneto 2 년 전 +2

      Hi i'm Baek exollllll

    • IwishyoudiePaloma
      IwishyoudiePaloma 2 년 전 +9

      @Monique Indefenso Rivera no its "i laughed at that" because "thats funny" in tagalog is "nakakatawa yan"

  • Jordyn Smith
    Jordyn Smith 년 전 +1

    I'm barely seeing this video but I just needed to say yall are hilarious! I was dying the whole time 🤣🤣

  • T Bone
    T Bone 3 년 전 +1662

    *Me with headphones on singing*
    How I think I sound: Princess
    How I actually sound: Bretman

    • T Bone
      T Bone 3 년 전 +14

      Redina Lol I wasn't serious. issa joke🙃 He sings better than me😂

    • Tamara H
      Tamara H 3 년 전 +5


    • Redina
      Redina 3 년 전 +29

      T Bone wym bretman sings fucking amazing

  • Lauren Haley
    Lauren Haley 2 년 전

    I’m sitting at work watching all of your videos and y’all seriously have me weak af!! I’m laughing hella loud annoying my coworkers. Love you guys so much!!

  • zoeluv
    zoeluv 2 년 전 +8

    _they have such amazing voices._

  • Boeremeisie2004
    Boeremeisie2004 2 년 전 +2

    If princess practised singing she would be an amazing soprano 🙌🏻

  • Alicia Unleashed
    Alicia Unleashed 2 년 전 +1

    Lmao I love her laugh it’s contagious 😂🤣 my family is the same we have no filter p.s is that a viborantor y’all where grabbing 👀

  • Raven Waters
    Raven Waters 3 년 전 +9195

    Princess lowkey can sing.

  • Ina Tuapou
    Ina Tuapou 년 전 +9

    I was literally laughing the whole vid 😂😂😂😂

  • aaliyah
    aaliyah 2 년 전 +8

    i remember watching this a long time ago and i was like “why tf is nobody talking about how good princess really is-“

  • Vanessa Jazek
    Vanessa Jazek 2 년 전 +1

    😂😂😂 this video is soo funny I love when u guys make videos together

  • Leonel Peralta
    Leonel Peralta 년 전 +1

    I'm literally smilling Ang laughing while watching this video from the start to end 😍 a fan here from PHILIPPINES 🙋

  • Ashley Deshaun
    Ashley Deshaun 3 년 전 +398


  • Frida Estrada
    Frida Estrada 년 전 +2


  • elsa paget
    elsa paget 2 년 전 +2

    princess has got a great voice 😩 that painting of cleo and bretman 😍

  • kath
    kath 2 년 전 +2

    they are so funny omfg so glad i discovered them 😂😂

  • nanniesparrow
    nanniesparrow 2 년 전

    I have seriously watched this video more than 10 times and it still makes me laugh so much!

  • Ivory Cherry
    Ivory Cherry 3 년 전 +574

    I love how Bret was so damn confident for "If I were a boy" and how much he committed. His face when he was wrong though LMAO he got humble real quick

  • Jessica Palencia
    Jessica Palencia 2 년 전

    LMAO I love how they both scramble and brawl just to get the damn lint roller just to sing the wrong lyrics with so much confidence 🤣🤣

  • Aime Sanchez
    Aime Sanchez 년 전

    Omg!!! They're hilarious!! I need friends like this lmao

  • SC Aarone Nov Bec Tagal

    This is so fun to watch 🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️

  • Ronna Yazid
    Ronna Yazid 2 년 전

    OMG! This is hilarious. I can't stop laughing.
    The good thing is that they never feel bad for each other even though there are so much cursing. The love is tightttt. #siblingsgoal

  • Jadene M
    Jadene M 3 년 전 +1802

    Princess wins automatically cuz she sings like an angel

  • Illuminated Spirit ASMR

    I haven't laughed like this in a really long time. Like laughter that was pure and happy!!

  • Rutile Twins
    Rutile Twins 2 년 전 +9

    We need a part 2 of this LMAOO

    SARAH GHALAY 2 년 전 +1

    I can watch them like everyday. They are sooo cute and funny and genuine

  • Ashley Brindle
    Ashley Brindle 2 년 전

    please make this a series on your channel, I watch this at least once a day to make me laugh because it’s so dang funny

  • Eskimo_bunny
    Eskimo_bunny 3 년 전 +574

    My husband was watching this over my shoulder and was laughing. 😂
    Just image a 6’5 mean bearded looking giant
    Laughing at Bretman 😂 You guys are so funny together.

  • kate swift
    kate swift 2 년 전 +78

    6:47 now that's a joker laugh, learn leto😂

    • Star
      Star 년 전

      Not Joker 💀 😭😭

    • Ani Meow
      Ani Meow 2 년 전

      that's what I thought 😂

  • Alexandria Brugger
    Alexandria Brugger 년 전 +1

    Bretman is so confident , i love it ❤❤

  • Pabasari Kaluthanthri
    Pabasari Kaluthanthri 2 년 전 +101

    Princess twerking for Avril Lavigne's girlfriend is a whole mood

  • Seleste E Campos
    Seleste E Campos 2 년 전 +7

    6:21 his laugh tho 🤣🤣🤣

  • Britc200
    Britc200 3 년 전 +1377

    Y'all's laugh is contagious 😂🤣

  • Rachel Dawe
    Rachel Dawe 2 년 전

    Bretman getting it wrong and still singing it confidently had me dying 😂😂😂😂

  • Taengooo
    Taengooo 2 년 전

    I will forever come back to this video and never get tired of watching this lmao i laugh every time like it my first time watch it😂😂😂

  • Josh Salazar
    Josh Salazar 2 년 전

    Them laughing makes me sooooo happy😂❤️

  • MK Bros
    MK Bros 2 년 전 +50

    Bretman: (screams)
    His sister: Sings and gets it wrong
    Bretman: No No No I said that I said that (starts twerking) No No No give it meeeee!!!

  • Alicia Rivera
    Alicia Rivera 3 년 전 +808

    Bretman was hella singing and then realize he was singing the wrong lyrics is EVERYTHING💀😂

  • Tee Vee
    Tee Vee 2 년 전 +1

    I love you so much, Bret and Princess!!!! 💛💛

  •  2 년 전 +2

    Definitely the funniest siblings in the world!

  • nicole johnson
    nicole johnson 2 년 전

    I love his laugh!😀

  • ShyShy🥰
    ShyShy🥰 2 년 전 +16

    I love how bretman hit the high notes on the Beyonce song😂😭and they siblings GOALS❤️💪🏾

  • Gadra09
    Gadra09 3 년 전 +2500

    Bret be losing his brain cells when he is with Princess

    • Mina Dia
      Mina Dia 3 년 전 +12

      Arianator96 I think WE ALL are

    • Clive Bby
      Clive Bby 3 년 전 +85

      That's me spending too much time with myself

  • Kasaaa
    Kasaaa 2 년 전

    I love bret’s smile and laugh 😂😍🤣

  • Champ Reilly
    Champ Reilly 2 년 전

    princess is such a mood every video . 😂

  • Marthilda Welda
    Marthilda Welda 2 년 전

    This sibling always made my day😂

  • Michael Scofield
    Michael Scofield 년 전 +1

    Princess and Bretman are so so beautiful!!!♥️♥️ they are both so good at singing!!!! I love them both

  • M
    M 3 년 전 +3569

    2:29 he was so confident in his answer but little did he know .....
    lmaooooo 😂😂

  • Luanna
    Luanna 2 년 전

    I can't get enough of these siblings 🤣🤣❤️❤️

  • Karin Hanazono
    Karin Hanazono 2 년 전

    Omg its sooo hillarious 😂
    Do part 2 please

  • jeon parkimin
    jeon parkimin 2 년 전 +181

    "Can we play baby shark?" start counting the lyrics😂 LMFAO AHHAHHA MY LUNGS HAHAHHA😂

  • Lalita Douch
    Lalita Douch 년 전


  • yesenia cuevas
    yesenia cuevas 3 년 전 +327

    I don’t think you understand how happy your guys’ videos make me 💀💀💀 I literally die of laughter every time

  • LBoogie&Desss
    LBoogie&Desss 2 년 전

    PLEASEEEEE DO THIS GAME AGAINNN IT WAS HILARIOUS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i’ve watched this video bout 20times 💀💀

  • Omera Shahzada
    Omera Shahzada 2 년 전 +5

    Everyone who disliked this video is just salty at how good there at singing and how nice they are to each other

  • JD Brimmy
    JD Brimmy 년 전 +15

    6:13 I rewatched that “that’s it?” Part like 10,000 times 😂😂😂

  • cee two
    cee two 년 전 +1

    the way princess started singing during “if i was a boy” omg 😍 so strongggg if only she didn’t lose confidence half way

  • Anna Pedron
    Anna Pedron 3 년 전 +2731

    This is the type of content I genuinely love by you😂💖

  • idk idk
    idk idk 2 년 전

    the way that bretman smiles when princess is singing🥺

  • AJ Loyola
    AJ Loyola 2 년 전

    Fuck! I'm laughing the whole damn time watching it. Worth it for my rest day. 😂😂😂

  • jack make
    jack make 2 년 전

    I’m always laughing watching his video... he’s so funny

  • Hannah Srehteal
    Hannah Srehteal 년 전 +1

    Had to come back and rewatch this amazing content 💗💗

  • Jahneshia Goden
    Jahneshia Goden 3 년 전 +2575

    Princess has a really nice voice tho 😍

  • Ema Lyn
    Ema Lyn 2 년 전 +2

    6:21 Only Princess Mae made Bretman laugh genuinely!

  • N
    N 년 전

    They should do a sibling tag with their brother too 😂

  • Raven Yazon
    Raven Yazon 2 년 전

    I love it when Bret screams everytime princess grab the roller first hahahahha

  • Kelis Anderson
    Kelis Anderson 년 전

    Princess has such a beautiful voice ❤️🦋

  • Jackie Herrera
    Jackie Herrera 3 년 전 +355

    bretman emphasizes the rules so much but doesn’t follow them lmaooo

  • FlakeyPudding
    FlakeyPudding 2 년 전 +13

    I love how princess gets a point it says 5 then she gets a point she gets 6 and then it goes to the final round Brennan wins and it’s back at 5 😂😂 tf

  • Tyson Desmoulin
    Tyson Desmoulin 2 년 전

    omg I love bret and princess together! So funny