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Why she Built like that? Finally answered Mukbang

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2019. 07. 27.
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댓글 • 13 189

  • Tyra Miller
    Tyra Miller 2 년 전 +7639

    Princess needs to turn “why you built like that?” Into a BRAND!!!!!!

  • Audri H
    Audri H 2 년 전 +6932

    She is high key WAYYYY more pretty than Nikita like she drop dead gorgeous period.

  • jed -
    jed - 년 전 +8547

    “Is that a plastic straw?”
    *30 sushi plastic containers sitting on the table*

    • Gia Gia
      Gia Gia 4 개월 전

      This comment

    • hola
      hola 7 개월 전


    • Timothy Gabilo
      Timothy Gabilo 8 개월 전

      Where do you fucking want him to eat glass container???

    • Søft Bünny
      Søft Bünny 9 개월 전

      I mean the containers is REUSABLE

  • arka
    arka 2 년 전 +4508

    "Stop saying *'why u built like that'* only I can say it"
    dang, it may not show most of the time, but bretman is a really good brother to princess

    • 기르비
      기르비 11 개월 전


    • Eli Etrama
      Eli Etrama 년 전 +11

      @Your sister is going to JAIL! It's probably to avoid drama. Bret avoids controversies amap and we never know what happens off cam so hopefully she got what she deserved. Bc its not like Bret to show that to the whole world.

  • The crackiest Crappy head
    The crackiest Crappy head 2 년 전 +3436

    Girl she slay. And her little Cleo is as pretty as her.

    • morgan golden
      morgan golden 년 전


    • Becca Fuller
      Becca Fuller 년 전 +1


    • Maya
      Maya 년 전 +1


    • 660
      660 2 년 전 +4


  • Lee xiv
    Lee xiv 2 년 전 +10184

    When she said she heard Nikita was gonna be there and she doesn't wanna feel ugly my heart broke😪💔

    • Donajoy Gonzales
      Donajoy Gonzales 5 개월 전

      @Aesthic Toca's do not call someone out if u cannot even understand their comment lol!!!!!!

    • Donajoy Gonzales
      Donajoy Gonzales 5 개월 전

      @Aesthic Toca's please re-read my comment. talking abt reading comprehension! Im on princess's side lol what r u sayin dude?

  • Nadia Lopez
    Nadia Lopez 2 년 전 +1670

    Princess if you’re reading this I just want to let you know that Nikita is all fake, she had surgeries and you are real you were perfectly made by god. she had to change herself, she’s jealous that she had to change herself to be beautiful you didn’t, you are naturally beautiful

    • Jopee
      Jopee 9 개월 전

      But at this point, that’s what most people like and get entertained by, plastic and caked makeup like I’m being serious.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 9 개월 전

      You should express yourself more respectful about others I think

    • Belle Zhao
      Belle Zhao 10 개월 전

      Stop comparing women. Both are beautiful, it’s not a competition.

    • Genny
      Genny 10 개월 전 +1

      @aesop !! same to you!

    • aesop !!
      aesop !! 10 개월 전

      @Genny ohh ^^; i suppose i read it wrong, i apologise if i came off as hostile! i hope your day goes well

  • daisi
    daisi 2 년 전 +9023

    It’s sad that Princess doesn’t wanna go to the boat party bc Nikita is there and she’ll feel ugly. Like sis first of all you way prettier than her so like
    (edit:I don’t want this to be read in a way where im putting down Nikita. both are beautiful, in my opinion i think Princess is prettier. don’t be transphobic in the comments. Nikita is a woman. Respect her.)

    • Bambam
      Bambam 9 개월 전

      Nikita is the one that put her down first with that collab they did. It was shocking.

    • Saidatul Salihah
      Saidatul Salihah 9 개월 전

      @ZeepSheep damn dude thanks ig😔

    • ZeepSheep
      ZeepSheep 9 개월 전

      @Saidatul Salihah I mean they won’t know who cares what other think as long as you still stand your point that’s all you need, you don’t need a comment to show it

    • Saidatul Salihah
      Saidatul Salihah 9 개월 전

      @ZeepSheep if I delete it,it’ll look like I don’t stand by my point and I still do

    • ZeepSheep
      ZeepSheep 9 개월 전

      @Saidatul Salihah you can delete it

  • Hazel Artagame
    Hazel Artagame 년 전 +207

    The whole argument of “you’re lazy” and “I’m not lazy” is a whole mood and honestly so relatable. 😂

  • Fatma Umi
    Fatma Umi 2 년 전 +1074

    I am so sorry, but how does he not even correct her when she basically said she’d be on the side lines and that’s she was insecure. Like I’m so confused

    • Pamela Parnel
      Pamela Parnel 8 개월 전

      Bc he knows it's true

    • eca
      eca 년 전 +7

      @Thomasina Jefferson oof i actually pity you more for taking everything to heart. so sorry that it has to be a person on the internet that has to
      reveal tp you the fact that life isnt always rainbows and sunshines 🥺 stay strong✊🏻

    • Thomasina Jefferson
      Thomasina Jefferson 년 전 +2

      @eca If you’d be cool with that, I’m sad for you.

    • eca
      eca 년 전 +10

      @Thomasina Jefferson have you even really watch all of their videos? coz the people who follows them understand how their relationship works. we've already seen Bretman encourage Princess to do what she really loves. Theyve been with each pther through private and public issues. this is real life guys, not everyones gonna conform to your ideal type of relationship

  • Rhoma Calano
    Rhoma Calano 2 년 전 +10546

    he's lowkey protecting his baby sis from people's negative comments about her❤️

    • zombii
      zombii 년 전

      ItsHayden Coming um no she’s not..

    • Shalanglang Life
      Shalanglang Life 2 년 전

      Haha. No.

    • Bunniii
      Bunniii 2 년 전

      Rhoma Calano Yet he won’t defend her from Nikita when Nikita was saying shit in the collab video but will at least make a video assessing the situation

    • Pinoy Mystery Channel
      Pinoy Mystery Channel 2 년 전


  • rurulegend
    rurulegend 년 전 +628

    I know I’m late but sis Nikita has done many surgeries to look “beautiful” and you’re here being a natural beauty queen, plus u have such a beautiful and unique body istg

    • virgin
      virgin 11 개월 전 +1

      @christina I can care less niki is racist, black faces, disrespectful asf, and biphobic and so problematic in many ways, why do we care abt how she feels when she’s been ignoring and laughing at other ppl feelings/community’s.

    • Garima
      Garima 년 전

      actually, I get you dont mean that but having surgeries doesn't mean you are not good looking because if someone wants to have surgery and look a certain way and has the means to it why shouldn't they and you actually have no right to use this as a point because it's actually not really valid but Nikita is horrible to princess and that's why I don't like her like not because she isn't 'naturally beautiful' because she is but her character is bad and lacks certain qualities

    • Xinyue Li
      Xinyue Li 년 전 +1

      @MsSweetener I think she meant plastic surgery...like you don't need a nose job for transition. And I think it's pretty unfair to compare natural feature with cosmetic results.

    • MsSweetener
      MsSweetener 년 전 +3

      Omg she has many surgeries cause she is transgender

    ASMARA 년 전 +19

    I love you Princess! I love how she always handles hate with grace!! QUEEN!! This video was funny af.

  • qpplexjuice
    qpplexjuice 년 전 +52

    DUUUUDE! as a bigger girl myself this is so heartbreaking.... it’s called being ✨born like that✨ FOR GOODNESS SAKE! s. m. h.

  • YED Creations
    YED Creations 2 년 전 +69

    Make merch out of "I'm built like that" and make money out of the hate. Your beautiful people hide behind screens and unleash their insecurities ❤️

  • Avelovinit
    Avelovinit 2 년 전 +3747

    Petition to make a “Y U BUILT LYK DAT?!” Merch!!!!

  • comfy clouds
    comfy clouds 2 년 전 +439

    I just noticed bretman was like “princess are you using a plastic straw” and I was like “but what about the plastic bottle”

    • Rebecca Spratling
      Rebecca Spratling 년 전 +2

      @hope dayaday a lot of plastics aren't recyclable. Most aren't actually lol. Sometimes you don't have a choice but it's best to avoid using plastic if you actually can. I don't believe they could have gotten that food without the plastic since it was take out.

    • Sarah Mazzarrino
      Sarah Mazzarrino 2 년 전 +1

      Ahah everything was in plastic

    • Bummyyy Smith
      Bummyyy Smith 2 년 전 +3

      u can recycle plastic bottles

    • nikoleta
      nikoleta 2 년 전 +1

      @hope dayaday i wish... It's very important and everyone should do it ☺

  • Mariliza
    Mariliza 11 개월 전 +117

    And now looking back (it's 2021), Christopher really was clout chasing. As everyone thought

    • yOu mOnKeY
      yOu mOnKeY 8 개월 전

      @Mariliza oh my gosh…

    • Mariliza
      Mariliza 8 개월 전 +2

      @yOu mOnKeY Videos were released where he aggressively pushed Princess (it was so horrible to watch), cheated on her multiple times, and basically said that Princess introduced him to that good lifestyle.... basically totally mistreated her. And really tho, you can just read him in videos when they were still together.

    • yOu mOnKeY
      yOu mOnKeY 8 개월 전

      Can you explain what happened😅

  • mellohinee
    mellohinee 년 전 +714

    "bc nikita gonna be there"
    she doesn't want to feel left behind actually

  • Shay Jenkins
    Shay Jenkins 2 년 전 +20

    Princess is strong af to take this like the queen she is if it was me I would disappear off the earth. Also I love how at 13:14 she knew to turn her head when Bret was gonna yell lol #SheBuildtLikeaNatural💜👸

  • Respiir
    Respiir 2 년 전 +2091

    Princess: *tries to be serious on Bret’s channel for once*
    Bretman: *holding in laughter*

  • Iz R
    Iz R 년 전 +92

    This aged well. "People dont see how good Chris is"

      MANUELA CARDONA 10 개월 전 +2

      We still don’t

    • Lillie Lascano
      Lillie Lascano 10 개월 전 +3


    • Sara Tafur
      Sara Tafur 11 개월 전 +3

      @Neo Mogale her ex chris is literally abusive/a cheater smh 😔👎🏽

    • Tiffany Facey
      Tiffany Facey 11 개월 전 +2

      @Sara Tafur same🤣🤣

    • Neo Mogale
      Neo Mogale 11 개월 전

      wait what happened ?

  • Ananda N.
    Ananda N. 년 전

    thank you for always makin these kinds of videos. I love it so much! u make my mood lift up X) i was in depressed, but after see your videos.. i feel much better. Stay healthy and be lovely always for you bretman and princess :)

  • I didn't ask to be born
    I didn't ask to be born 9 개월 전 +8

    When you have a brother who body shame and color shame you, It hurt my heart and I almost tear up when Princess said "because there will be Nikita and then I'll feel ugly" and bret said "true" without even any second thought.

  • PINGU! ⚝
    PINGU! ⚝ 년 전 +561

    Everyone : Being realy sad for Princess

    • k i t x u n e
      k i t x u n e 년 전 +26

      lol but lowkey we knew bret felt sad too he just being a normal siblings

    • Study OK
      Study OK 년 전 +1


  • Aries Daisy
    Aries Daisy 2 년 전 +3012

    Brett: "no plastic straws"
    Also brett : eating from plastic containers

    • random dude
      random dude 2 년 전

      @POP !! yes you are correct! Many vegans are vegan because of ethic reasons but also because of health reasons and for the enviorment. You know producing meat is killing a lot of trees because animals need place and the food they are fed needs to grow somewhere too. So a vegan diet saves not only trees but also ressources because a plant only needs sun and water and not like 30kg of corn a week. And many people also say that they are happier because eating dead bodies never really gave them joy. You can eat what u want and u can ofc say what u want. At the end of the day it really doesnt matter if u use a metal or a bamboo straw even tho bamboo straws save some more intense processes such as melting the metal but it really doesnt matter. And if u dont really see a point im being vegan that is totally fine too❤ stay healthy man👍

    • POP !!
      POP !! 2 년 전

      @random dude vegans are vegan because of the process of abuse and suffering that dairy and meat animals go through. but plants are living things as well and even though they can't move or have animal characteristics, they are also living organisms and their lives are also equal to the life of an animal. they meet the same requirements animals do. food, water, and they reproduce as well. and when organisms are being abused, for vegans that not cool for animals but its cool for plants which makes no sense how one living being can be put above another. you think i don't know what veganism is??

    • random dude
      random dude 2 년 전

      @POP !! oof tbh I dont feel the need of educating you on what the sense in veganism is. Please watch an documentary or and explanation video on it. You can type f example " why are people vegan ". It is an interesting topic. The process of making meat/dairy etc is very intense and it rises the Co2 emissions. And eating less fish would make the ocean cleaner bc less nets= less plastic. Making a metal straw contains WAY more Co2 Emissions than making a bamboo straw. That is the point. It is obvious that both are reusable. And yes just as you said the micro plastic comes back to us. We consum the amount of plastic that is in a debit card every week, just by eating things that either ate plastic or eating things that are wrapped in plastic. So I dont get your fr. Like that is one pro of not eating fish but whatever. I actually dont even know why i am arguing w u about literally a metal straw😂

    • POP !!
      POP !! 2 년 전

      @random dude what does the process of making the straw have to do with buying it that doesn't mean you're the one making it. and humans eat living things all living things eat other living things (which is why vegans and vegetarians dont make sense to me like plants aren't alive too LMAO) but that doesn't mean you can't also help their environment. you can't have good lobsters grow if they live in a poor and polluted place they'll wipeout. it also doesn't just affect marine life it comes back to us. when they eat the plastic we eat them then we consume the plastic too. it will kill the entire population of both. and both metal and bamboo straws are reusable i dont see how they'll make a difference. once again, reusable straws are *reusable* so yes, even though bamboo straws are organic, no one will throw them out since they're reusable so that doesn't really change anything.

    • random dude
      random dude 2 년 전

      @POP !! yes but the actual plastic in the ocean does not come from the plastic straws but from the fishing nets and industry. It is weird for me that suddenly he is all about saving the turtels and the marine life when he is at the same time uploading mubanks where he eats 1kg of loabsters. Like where is the balance? And why would u buy a metal straw which contains way more process in the making when u could just use a biodegradable straw out of bamboo that is REUSABLE too. Love only tho

  • Xingfu
    Xingfu 년 전

    Best sibling combo!!! Always so fun to watch them together

  • eva.
    eva. 2 년 전 +2

    whenever i watch bretman he literally boosts my mood straight away

  • Stephen Macisaac
    Stephen Macisaac 년 전 +345

    “Don’t be using a plastic straw”
    Boy, you’re surrounded by plastic cups and plastic take out containers but you’re upset about the straw? 🤣 Get it together hunni.

    • Camille
      Camille 년 전 +1

      I think it’s because straws are not recyclable I believe? Plastic containers usually can be recycled. But yea still plastic there

    • Hard Tail Rider
      Hard Tail Rider 년 전

      He's afraid for the turtles 🥺

    • youtube. com
      youtube. com 년 전 +1

      people mentallity nowadays

    • b
      b 년 전 +10

      Also not to mention that industrial fishing makes up the majority of plastic dumped in the ocean (fishing nets, etc). People forget that eating fish pollutes the ocean way more than plastic containers, straws, and cutlery altogether!!

    • lov. ell
      lov. ell 년 전 +4

      Stephen Macisaac bret is for the turtles

  • KK Morgan
    KK Morgan 년 전

    Princess you are so much more than what others think of you! You are gorgeous and don't let ANYONE quiet you or make you feel less than especially your siblings!

  • Dee
    Dee 2 년 전 +43213

    I've noticed that over the years princess has learned to give the same energy back to bretman and he doesbt know what to do💀

  • y4n3t
    y4n3t 2 년 전 +108

    I love how at 13:15 princess had already covered her ear cause she knew Bretman was gonna scream “BITCH” in her ear.

  • Jesus Torres
    Jesus Torres 년 전 +96

    I like how he got mad at her using a straw while everything on the table is plastic

  • 𝓋𝒶𝓁𝑒
    𝓋𝒶𝓁𝑒 2 년 전 +53

    People need to stop-
    Atleast she looks gorgeous without makeup on. 😍😍

  • yo mommy
    yo mommy 2 년 전 +3

    you can tell ever since they have grown up you could tell how their bond is getting a lot stronger than it was when they were younger

  • like my comment gurl
    like my comment gurl 2 년 전 +2864

    Bretman: Going off about a plastic straw
    Also Bretman: using a dozen plastic containers and plastic cups

    • Talia Y
      Talia Y 2 년 전

      @BBY ELIE stating the facts is not gonna do nothing

    • Talia Y
      Talia Y 2 년 전

      @BBY ELIE ok and?

    • BBY ELIE
      BBY ELIE 2 년 전

      @Talia Y oh I know you're not talking to me I'm just stating the facts

    • Talia Y
      Talia Y 2 년 전

      @BBY ELIE heh your funny I wasn't really talking to you sorry

    • BBY ELIE
      BBY ELIE 2 년 전

      @Talia Y where not hating where giving our opinion

  • Getz Romero
    Getz Romero 년 전

    u guys are the funniest people ever. you deserve all your success and more

  • Baddiee13
    Baddiee13 년 전 +10

    PRINCESS YOUR WAY PRETTIER THAN NIKITA!!! Your ALL NATURAL, especially for being a mom your body goes through a lot and you look GREAT!!! You go girl 💞💞

  • Gaomee Lee
    Gaomee Lee 년 전 +11

    Princess is Beautiful and unique in her way! My heart broke when she said she feel ugly when Nikita is going to be there at the boat party.

  • mpl pl
    mpl pl 년 전

    I love you guys so much!!! Both of yalls relationship is like how me and my sisters are. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😂 Love it.

  • Pourya Bigonah
    Pourya Bigonah 2 년 전 +1289

    I admire their relationship. Meanwhile my sister can sense if I’m in the same country as her because she will suddenly feel extreme amounts of anger

  • Eliana Valenzuela
    Eliana Valenzuela 년 전 +3

    princess is my favorite she’s like an amazing person and has a great vibe

  • Scarlett Ya
    Scarlett Ya 년 전 +158

    Man I love that she’s built like that because she’s rocking in tube crop tops unlike my flats ass

    • Tahlia
      Tahlia 년 전 +1


  • Arí Mart
    Arí Mart 년 전 +133

    She’s pretty as hell, don’t let nobody tell u otherwise girl

  • Lady Forbes
    Lady Forbes 2 년 전

    Hey Bretman!!! I love you and your style so cute! First off Princess fuck what people say I think you’re a gorgeous girl and love y’all culture. You’re thick and beautiful! God built us to be different in our own way. 😘❤️

  • shrooms
    shrooms 2 년 전 +3200

    Princess:”Ya but I heard Nikita’s gonna be there Nd I don’t wanna go, bc I’m gonna feel really ugly uk?”
    I felt that😭😂

  • Print notes
    Print notes 년 전 +267

    It’s just sad that Bret and Princess protected Chris so much in here but he just betrayed them.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 9 개월 전 +1

      Maybe you should express yourself more respectful about others

    • Print notes
      Print notes 년 전 +14

      I saw it somewhere, leaked dms and brets insta stories also his cousin.

    • Mercy Sangma
      Mercy Sangma 년 전 +1

      How do y'all know he cheated?

    • Print notes
      Print notes 년 전 +14

      Cheated on Princess

    • Ana Santana
      Ana Santana 년 전 +1

      What happened

  • DoThatCrazyShiz
    DoThatCrazyShiz 9 개월 전 +2

    I'm in love with Princess and she's perfect the way she is 💜

  • E
    E 년 전 +6

    Ok but like princess is so kind and a real down to earth person and like that’s what makes her 100x more beautiful

  • Timide
    Timide 년 전 +1

    Princess, you’re beautiful. No one tell you otherwise. You have a good family, blessed with a beautiful little girl, got a great brother. Stay strong. 💕💅🏻

  • Izumi
    Izumi 2 년 전 +20092

    Princess is actually pretty, people needs to stop

  • Julie Ann Borja
    Julie Ann Borja 년 전 +2

    i love how confident princess is with her body

  • Aestaetic♡
    Aestaetic♡ 년 전 +2

    I love princess she's bold pretty a queen litteraly and only bretman can ask her why she's built like that

  • sarai -
    sarai - 10 개월 전 +1

    honestly... at this point we're saying "why are you built like that?" as a compliment bcos Princess is stunnnnning

  • 안 안녕하세요
    안 안녕하세요 2 년 전 +21

    Lol I laughed so hard when she was explaining why she was “built like that.” but she’s so pretty

  • Mariza Morales
    Mariza Morales 2 년 전 +948


    • Thirstae For Tae
      Thirstae For Tae 2 년 전 +10

      I felt mean for laughing when she started crying and explaining 😂😂😂 Oh Princess...

    • jbxzy
      jbxzy 2 년 전 +1

      Mariza Morales LMAOOOO

  • Sasha Augusto
    Sasha Augusto 2 년 전 +1

    Ownn I love that they match their clothes in every single video they do together.😣💖💜

  • Christine Noblejas

    If I got a sibling like Brettmanrock, I would laugh and cry all day 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kenzi Roze
    Kenzi Roze 2 년 전

    I used to come to bretmans channel to watch bretman. Now I come to bretmans channel to watch princess. I think it’s obvious though I love watching you both together... a very talented - hilarious duo. It would be interesting to watch vlogs of you two or if you two when on reality house!!!

  • Angel
    Angel 년 전

    i’m super late to this video but princess you are a beautiful woman. don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise. just because you might think someone else is prettier that doesn’t mean anything. in order to be pretty it starts in within. ik you’re a very strong, independent, nice, and caring woman inside and u are v beautiful on the outside. ily girll

  • Park Jamin
    Park Jamin 2 년 전 +3658

    Is it just me or does princess look so much prettier without makeup on

    • Kayra Valdivia
      Kayra Valdivia 2 년 전

      We’re used to people however we see them first if that makes sense. We’d see princess more without makeup than with yk? So we prefer her without😳. Same goes with other people. This is where the word catfish comes up with people who seen her with makeup more. LMAOOO WHY AM I TYPING A WHOLE ASS STORY MY BAD YALL

    • kim
      kim 2 년 전

      Slick 819 uh wtf that’s so rude

    • nævis
      nævis 2 년 전 +1

      Slick 819 you must be insecure

    • Gianelli Sumas
      Gianelli Sumas 2 년 전

      Yessss I agree!!!!

  • Genesis Reyes
    Genesis Reyes 년 전 +1

    I felt bad when she said " i would feel ugly" i was like gurllllll you can't be talk you are so PRETTY your own way always and NEVER LISTEN to other people's OPINION (Key word) OPINION!!

  • Claren Grey
    Claren Grey 년 전 +541

    If Princess is ugly, i seriously have no idea what word can describe me bruhhhh

    • misa
      misa 년 전 +7

      If Princess is ugly,I am somewhere near Nikita

    • Quzelkurt
      Quzelkurt 년 전 +1


    • Tahlia
      Tahlia 년 전 +34

      If Princess is ugly I'm a damn hyena

  • Melissa Jayne
    Melissa Jayne 년 전

    Y'all mean asf to each other, and you can still see and feel the love y'all got for each other, and it's fucking amazing

  • Zaynab Ali
    Zaynab Ali 년 전 +2

    Awww princess your beautiful in every way shape and form, God made u the way you are ignore all the ppl who say why you built like that, ur beautiful hun IGNORE OTHERS ❤️💯

  • jaeleah
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    • Michaela S
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