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3 EASY Workouts to look Cute - BretmanRock

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  • 게시일 2021. 03. 12.
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  • 00 00
    00 00 년 전 +11613

    We all know Bretmans a baddie but lately he’s been hittin different

    • Ella Bean
      Ella Bean 11 개월 전

      Fr the girls really lost 😞

    • lacha
      lacha 11 개월 전

      Yasss he been looking sooo fiiinne for no reason 😍😍😍

    • prity bird
      prity bird 11 개월 전


    • cory dom
      cory dom 11 개월 전 +1

      its the hairr

  • Ruozhien Chan
    Ruozhien Chan 년 전 +1379

    Other fitness gurus : Workouts to lose weight.
    Bretman: Workouts to look cute

  • Alex B
    Alex B 년 전 +5146

    When Bretman told the boys to take notes bc he’s tired of taking their girls, he meant it🥵

  • Marissa Lyn
    Marissa Lyn 년 전 +990

    Regardless if his fitness videos get less views he should still do it because it’ll make his fans probably want to go work out even eat healthier.

    • Yayla Tubes
      Yayla Tubes 9 개월 전 +1

      they get less views bc other ppl post the workouts somewhere else wo credit 😒

    • Lovelee Luv
      Lovelee Luv 10 개월 전 +2

      Totally Agree. He has the making of a fitness & mindset motivator / coach if he wants to be one!

    • Koz
      Koz 11 개월 전 +1


    • Death is upon us
      Death is upon us 년 전 +3

      I’ve learned new things from this video which I’m grateful for 😖

    • lenie oca
      lenie oca 년 전 +7

      Its so sad that he doesnt want to post anymore bc fitness/being active is his his lifestyle also something he is so proud of :( and there are other people that really do enjoy his fitness videos like us!

  • Alysse
    Alysse 년 전 +3486

    Bro. His hair like this. It’s just immaculate

    • namjoonie
      namjoonie 10 개월 전

      thats my hair but im a girl lol i hate it

    • james joe
      james joe 11 개월 전 +3

      Its immaculate when i fart.

    • kermit the 𓃥
      kermit the 𓃥 11 개월 전


    • raya
      raya 11 개월 전 +15

      ikr he's teasing us

  • Andrea Angeles
    Andrea Angeles 년 전 +3795

    love youuu, unproblematic queen 👑

  • V O
    V O 년 전 +232

    As someone who has struggled with weight loss, I love he reiterates how important it is to go at your own pace but to keep moving. I feel like these workouts are great for both, beginners and advanced!!

    • azoraath
      azoraath 10 개월 전 +2

      @Evann exactly!! and if i did a workout video they would keep going with such short breaks yet i would struggle to catch up and it’s a whole mess. i like the idea of my own pace!

    • Evann
      Evann 년 전 +6

      Yess!!!! Every other work out I’ve tried reinforces the ‘if you don’t do it all together it’s not gonna work’ attitude

  • calypso medina
    calypso medina 년 전 +1778

    1:13 stretch
    5:07 chest
    8:02 jumping to conclusions
    9:28 Absolutely not

    • Ruthlin
      Ruthlin 10 개월 전 +1


    • abby
      abby 10 개월 전 +1


    • calypso medina
      calypso medina 11 개월 전

      @chloejosmith 04 chest abs and full body

    • chloejosmith 04
      chloejosmith 04 11 개월 전 +2

      @calypso medina thank you do they both just overall help to lose weight or what area of the body do they target?? 💞

    • calypso medina
      calypso medina 11 개월 전 +1

      @Shante Vlogz np😌

  • Ness
    Ness 년 전 +3747

    He said this was beginner vibes so I was like oh okay and kept watching...then he starts doing SPIDER push-ups and DOUBLE UNDERS?!? I must be a pre beginner

    • I’m mildly Bored. Apologies.
      I’m mildly Bored. Apologies. 10 개월 전 +4

      If u cant do these try doing wall pushups or push-ups on ur knees to fully start and then work up to these! Good luck on your workout journey!

    • Maybeline Ong
      Maybeline Ong 년 전 +9


    • Wandering Goobert
      Wandering Goobert 년 전 +31

      @Bimini Supremacy No, beginner as in you can do it after a few days with many sets. Believe it or not thats just the beginning of calisthenics

    • Bimini Supremacy
      Bimini Supremacy 년 전 +61

      Beginner as in not weighted and no equipment needed

  • Gerarell Irby
    Gerarell Irby 10 개월 전 +63

    20 crunches
    40 in and outs
    60 sec plank
    20 plank side to side
    40 mountain climbers
    60 scissors
    20 leg raises
    40 toe touch
    60 sec 6in

  • E K
    E K 년 전 +4966

    This channel is so versatile, and i ain’t mad about it

    • Juan
      Juan 9 개월 전

      @Kirk Te yuh

    • splash
      splash 년 전


    • Collin Lagos
      Collin Lagos 년 전

      P Ooop

    • E K
      E K 년 전 +27

      @Beauty Bretman calls himself she sometimes its not that serious

    • Beauty
      Beauty 년 전 +2

      @Kirk Te he not she

  • Stefania Karantza
    Stefania Karantza 년 전 +247

    I'm a trainer and I really think that you don't even need to mention anything about your form or your terminology. The fact that you PUT IN the work is already badass. And you a mfkin legend HUNAYYY. don't EVER say sorry for being this awesome

  • 小爱砂
    小爱砂 년 전 +236

    Bretman is one of few influencers who really does his content without so much drama or intro.

  • Bam Bam
    Bam Bam 년 전 +311

    Bret's upper body strength is goals! I can't even lift myself up even once.

  • AJ Villañueva
    AJ Villañueva 년 전 +366

    He said since this is his least viewed vid he won't do another workout video but I rlly hope that's not true! Super friggin inspired by his physique, progress and IG stories🤩

    • Jean Tabaranza
      Jean Tabaranza 년 전 +1

      This actually a Tiktok trend now!

    • Ero Gomez
      Ero Gomez 년 전 +1

      his least viewed vis is akshwally the calvin klein lookbook

    • Symoné :
      Symoné : 년 전 +1

      It’s not technically his least viewed video is about 295k from like a few years ago or less(yess I truly checked)

  • Trishaa Nair
    Trishaa Nair 년 전 +149

    "I don't know if y'all would wanna see me jump roping for 10 mins"
    Honey I would gladly watch an hour long video of you simply breathing like everything about you fascinates me

  • Elizabeth Canas
    Elizabeth Canas 년 전 +662

    Gonna do the “Absolutely Not” workout every other day now

    • tamakikawaii
      tamakikawaii 8 개월 전 +1

      @P DG yes, according to my physical therapist crunches are bad for your spine.

    • William Howard Taft
      William Howard Taft 11 개월 전


    • Ayanna Lowery
      Ayanna Lowery 년 전 +3

      ive been doing it for 3 days now i feel good mentally but so sore physically but worth is

    • P DG
      P DG 년 전 +5

      @Anna I don't think planks are bad since it is done with straight back. But crunches fold your spine tho that's why I think it's bad if we do it everyday

    • Anna
      Anna 년 전 +8

      @P DG nahh it’s not bad for your spine. some of my chiro therapy for my back is to do certain planks every single day

  • Nessa Flom
    Nessa Flom 년 전 +17

    i’ve been doing the “absolutely not” workout for about a week straight, and its really helped with bloating n i’ve noticed some tone to my abs as well and it feels nice 🤍

    • Ro Cha
      Ro Cha 9 개월 전

      Hello! How many times a week do you do it?

    • Nessa Flom
      Nessa Flom 년 전

      @euna go for it

    • euna
      euna 년 전 +2

      Eeee I’m skinny but would love a flat stomach and a slimmer waist! Do you recommend it??:)

  • Phoebe Yambao
    Phoebe Yambao 년 전 +7

    I love how bret actually teaches us easy, doable workouts instead of just showing us the exercises like other fitness channels.

  • Jawa
    Jawa 년 전 +1021

    I love how he’s not making us feel bad about not being able to do the hard ones 🥺

  • Edith Castaneda
    Edith Castaneda 년 전 +1806

    Who’s here giving him more views after he said it’s his lowest viewed video? 🥺

    • Meist Syans
      Meist Syans 8 개월 전

      @Crux Crumble well now it's over 1M

    • Brian mcgowan
      Brian mcgowan 년 전

      Not me

    • April Donjuan
      April Donjuan 년 전 +4

      Awe yeah I just noticed he posted this video but I really liked it. I think I just never got the notification

    • lenie oca
      lenie oca 년 전 +2

      Awww i want more fitness videos from him

    • ليلى عميرة
      ليلى عميرة 년 전 +3

      I love these workout videos

  • Alex Guardia
    Alex Guardia 년 전 +183

    I need him to make a work out app where he just yells at me 90 percent of the time. The left 10 percent is for his introduction.

    • Bretman Rock.
      Bretman Rock. 년 전

      The world is evolving rapidly in all aspects of it's operations
      Trends of living.

    • Bretman Rock.
      Bretman Rock. 년 전

      Well there's an opportunity you shouldn't miss out

    • Bretman Rock.
      Bretman Rock. 년 전 +1

      Thanks for your review...

  • carlotta ottocento
    carlotta ottocento 년 전 +118


  • rxlove
    rxlove 3 개월 전

    This inspires me to work out 😭😭 and I’m sure this is gonna inspire others to stay fit and healthy!

  • Cesar Ruiz
    Cesar Ruiz 년 전 +8920

    Petition to add fitness guru to his intro

  • Wynter
    Wynter 11 개월 전 +2

    I have definitely added this to my yoga workouts and it's awesome because of the flexibility strength I get out of this. Love it and I added a gallon of iced lemon water with it to stay hydrated. In a week of this, I've dropped 3 sizes!

  • Sam_im_trash
    Sam_im_trash 11 개월 전 +5

    I may be late, but this manz really reminding me of how much I want to start working out again. (I used to be in track & field, loved it, & was top of my class(even compared to the guys)) I just really miss the exercise & able to run more than 2mins at a time, able to correctly lift 50lb dumbells, able to leg press 70lbs (at 13y.o btw😳) etc.
    So yeah, thanks Bret🥰

  • Adriana Martinez
    Adriana Martinez 10 개월 전 +1

    More stretches please!!! I love this video.. and share more advanced workouts 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Dshaunae
    Dshaunae 년 전 +6

    He literally is encouraging me to work out in the most mellowest way 🥴 I’m on it tomorrow morning

  • ryan alfeche
    ryan alfeche 년 전 +37

    I tried it all.... and i died! Not to mention, i fail!
    But I will try all of it until i’ll get the right form! Who’s with me?

  • Martín Mato
    Martín Mato 년 전 +4

    This is so good, thank you for this video Bret

  • Myisha Brown
    Myisha Brown 년 전 +12

    You had me absolutely FOOLED with the toe touches. When you said "Kidding, not those toe touches", my heart shed happy tears. Like sir I cannot do that 40 times in a row hahah

  • Nekia Walker
    Nekia Walker 년 전 +3

    1. I enjoyed this video and getting new workout ideas.
    2. I would love to see a stretches video and a lower body workout (when you’re able)
    3. Shout out to your editor! I thought it was really creative how they used your handwriting from the board to display the workouts 🔥

  • Mekhia
    Mekhia 년 전 +1554

    Bret: "Now let's actually start the work out"
    Me: *already dead from the pigeon stretch* "WHAT?!"

  • Sophia DC
    Sophia DC 년 전 +1

    This video helped me be motivated to workout for the first time pretty much this whole quarantine. Thank you ❤️

    • Sophia DC
      Sophia DC 년 전 +1

      Will definitely be saving this video for everytime I am in need of a good workout

  • Binnaz Abdalla
    Binnaz Abdalla 년 전 +3

    Hi Bretman, I’m sorry that you feel like this video didn’t do well. I love it and I have been waiting on this for so long!! I love it 🤍

  • ttczd 10
    ttczd 10 년 전 +1

    Thank you Bret!!! You definitely motivated me to workout more 🤎

    ARIA FELISHA 년 전 +1

    I watched your IG story when you journaled about your analysis on this video. I just wanna say that I actually love experiencing the different aspects of you and would love you to continue expanding your content! Mahalo for being you.

  • short hair blonde Gerard

    Bret as a trainer be like: "so you gonna stretch that or whatevah"

    • Sonakshi Das
      Sonakshi Das 년 전


    • Andra Mitru
      Andra Mitru 년 전 +2

      Love it ♥️ btw I agree short blonde hair Gerard is superior

    • Sonakshi Das
      Sonakshi Das 년 전 +77

      but that would really motivate my ngl

  • Yazmin Hernandez
    Yazmin Hernandez 년 전 +1

    We love bret’s energy, I actually love this workout without the push ups 🤩

  • kj
    kj 년 전

    Yess thank you Bret! Ive been on a weight loss journey and Im always looking for new routines.

  • Sophie Medrano
    Sophie Medrano 년 전

    Yay I've been wanting a workout routine from you!! Thank you!!

  • Red
    Red 년 전

    This was such a great workout l! Can’t wait for more workouts! Thank you!!

  • biahhh
    biahhh 년 전

    Love it! Will definitely do some of these on my next workout sesh.

  • Naturally Modd
    Naturally Modd 10 개월 전 +1

    Please I need more exercise videos this was great
    Thank you for such a wonderful video

  • Sam Rios
    Sam Rios 년 전 +3

    I would love to see a second channel of your workouts. Working out with Bretman Or Whatevaaa ❤️💪🏽

  • Tonmei Narai
    Tonmei Narai 년 전 +2

    Can you do more workout videos? Honestly, you inspire me to workout more than any other health channel

  • Dajha Adams
    Dajha Adams 년 전 +2443

    His hair has grown out so much, it’s so cute 🥺

    • hafsa Waqqas
      hafsa Waqqas 9 개월 전

      His hair is so long and cute now tho

    • L
      L 10 개월 전

      So what is the truth lmfao

    • measha fong
      measha fong 11 개월 전 +1

      @ONLY 4C A E S T H E T I C his hair is naturally curly

    • Faduma E
      Faduma E 년 전

      Tetsuro Kuroo his hair is naturally straight

    • Aliyah The Doll
      Aliyah The Doll 년 전 +32

      Handsome af actually. He looks so cute natural !

  • makeupbydenise_winks

    Ugh this motivates me to go workout today! Thank you! ❣️

  • M K
    M K 11 개월 전 +1

    The stretches were really helpful I hope he does another video on them !

  • Zenab Sheikh
    Zenab Sheikh 년 전

    Thank you! Please do medium and harder workouts too! To look cute :)

  • Patricia Urtubia
    Patricia Urtubia 년 전 +1

    Im glad you made this video it’s great content looking forward to more fitness content !

  • Benny
    Benny 년 전 +947

    We Stan an unproblematic queen who stays booked and busy

    • Ero Gomez
      Ero Gomez 년 전 +11

      a quing

    • jyuri
      jyuri 년 전 +19

      @saul the queen and the king**

    • saul
      saul 년 전 +8


  • BS Show
    BS Show 년 전 +43

    Bretman honestly needs to be appreciated for his physique like jeez 🔥🙌🏾

  • Martín Mato
    Martín Mato 년 전 +2

    This was such a great video, love it

  • nanicrash
    nanicrash 년 전 +1

    Thank you for PUMP UP motivation, *Queen* 😌💕

    • Bretman Rock.
      Bretman Rock. 년 전

      Thanks for your like and comments on my official page and for being a fan!
      Much love💜

  • Stan Loona
    Stan Loona 년 전


  • xxDxvilxx
    xxDxvilxx 년 전

    I really really liked this workout video! I'm going to workout the "Absolutely Not" every single day!! I'm skinny and thicc , but I want to keep my body this way,,and pleaaase don't stop making workout videos! They are great, oh and your hair slayssss and it's cuteee, love you ❤

  • Banana Hannah Fitness

    Love him and his workouts. Definitely trying these💪💪

  • Belle S.
    Belle S. 8 개월 전

    I’m just now coming around to this video cause I’ve been in a slump about fitness and I am going to 100% do a routine similar to this!

  • Lyan Tangonan
    Lyan Tangonan 년 전

    I've been following your absolutely not workout for a week and I already saw the difference from my body before. I've lost so much weight. Thanks Bret❤️

  • kehzu
    kehzu 년 전

    this is so inspiring🤩 I'm still young to be even complaining about my figure, but I just want to have a good form. and bret really helped me get to my dream body😊 thanks bret so much😊


    I’m all for it.... ❤️ thank you for sharing

  • Maria
    Maria 년 전 +30

    I'm here to take a screenshot of the "absolutely not" workout so I can do try it 😌

  • Sophia Lu
    Sophia Lu 년 전

    “Absolutely Not” 😂😂
    Absolutely yes for me!!! I can’t wait to do that tomorrow! Thanks, Bretman! Please keep making theseeeee and yes I wanna watch you jump rope for 10 mins 🥴

  • Sam Parker
    Sam Parker 년 전

    I love your work out stories :’) I hope there’s more content like this!

  • livelifewithlex
    livelifewithlex 년 전

    Hey queen! I been watching you since the vine days. I weight 280 lbs & I been needing a workout video. I love watching you because you get straight to the point. Can you help
    me with weight loss.

  • Guadalupe Rodriguez

    🙏🏽 thank you bretman for sharing. I’m slowly starting my fitness journey. Would Love to see an arm workout!

  • Brooke Villarreal
    Brooke Villarreal 년 전 +77

    Brett as my trainer! “Dont do that that's not cute!” lmao yes! Please!

  • Marilyn Lira
    Marilyn Lira 년 전

    I love watching you workout it’s so inspirational I love the way you push yourself. I always go back to the ones on your highlights because it’s so satisfying, and yes I can watch you jump rope for an hour lol

  • Lizzy Prince.
    Lizzy Prince. 년 전

    Thanks Bret, really loved the video and definitely gonna try it out. Maybe I'll make a video doing it😆

  • Raven Ramos
    Raven Ramos 년 전

    Bretman I love this video, good for all ages. Please make more!

  • The Artskee
    The Artskee 년 전

    I hope I can do all these by mid-year 🔥🔥🔥

  • Destiny
    Destiny 년 전

    i would love to see bretman make a work out series including stretches bc i feel like he would do a great job at explaining and it would help a lot of people (like me) who don’t know how or where to start

  • Joann Basilio
    Joann Basilio 년 전

    Thank you for the motivationt!!! More videos like this please (:

  • Niko
    Niko 년 전 +1

    No because I honestly loved the content of this video
    I started lifting weights recently and this video helped
    I would love to see more videos like this from you if you were ever comfortable with making more 🥺

  • Shannon K. Byrdsong - Your Fit Mom, Wife & Realtor

    Ur intro was everything ❤️thanks for making me smile 😁

  • Mayumi TV
    Mayumi TV 년 전 +1

    I am PLUS SIZE and I tried this workout on my channel! was conflicted between crying and telling myself it was easy enough 😂😂😂

  • Sally Ann
    Sally Ann 년 전

    I literally said “hell no” when he did the toe touch lol. He got me. I am definitely going to try his workouts I love his energy!

  • Adriana Jaramillo

    Omg I loved this. I’m def finna do this!!! I do look forward to more

  • Error 57
    Error 57 년 전

    This is such a good video!!!! Damn Bretman you’re so self disciplined with these workouts👏🏼🥵

  • Mr. Carl Siacan
    Mr. Carl Siacan 년 전 +633


  • Enrique Daniel
    Enrique Daniel 년 전 +1

    I know it’s not really what he’s known for but this dude is honestly one of my biggest fitness inspirations 😂would love to see more workouts

  • Fayith Mitchell
    Fayith Mitchell 년 전

    Loved this so informational and funny😂❤️

  • Neru Evalith
    Neru Evalith 년 전

    Love the workout excited to try it myself.

  • Brooke Villarreal

    We need a whole playlist of your workout videos please!

  • Maria Carmela Bravo
    Maria Carmela Bravo 년 전 +298

    Bretman Rock is literally the MOST and when I say the most i aint even exaggerating, shes the most unproblematic influencer/youtuber, queen ever!

    • Maria Carmela Bravo
      Maria Carmela Bravo 년 전 +4

      @Jenn Granados honestly, others create fake drama to stay relevant but bret doesn’t in fact most, if not all of his content are empowering!

    • Jenn Granados
      Jenn Granados 년 전 +7

      Right.. He doesn’t need drama to stay relevant I love that about him.

  • faith g
    faith g 년 전

    i would love to see a crossfit focused workout from you !!😍😍

  • ChocDolphin
    ChocDolphin 11 개월 전 +2

    When Bretman started doing the toe touch I was like “absolutely not” I can’t do this😂😂but then he said he was just playing. I fell for it, had me rethinking doing the workout😂😭

  • Anna Guthrie
    Anna Guthrie 11 개월 전

    Please please please keep us updated on your workouts!!! 🥺

  • Shaili Vyas
    Shaili Vyas 년 전 +1

    This hairstyle looks so good on you bretman 😍👑

  • MotleyShrew1979
    MotleyShrew1979 년 전

    You make working out FUN & it's intoxicating how cute you speak from your heart! There's not an ounce of pretension in your BEAUTIFUL PERSONALITY to match your Gorgeous Face!! Saw you on MTV awards! Your speech was adorbs! Love how TRUE u are to yourself! YOU INSPIRE ME TO LOVE MYSELF! thank u for BEING YOU!!

  • foreverchickadee
    foreverchickadee 년 전 +6

    Our Queen really put together a full workout routine with warmups. We're not worthy. 😭

  • Justyna S
    Justyna S 년 전 +4

    I'm going to do the “Absolutely Not” workout for 3 weeks. I'll be backs with results or whatevaaaa ❤️

    • Justyna S
      Justyna S 년 전

      @Mimi banksxo thank you!!!

    • Mimi banksxo
      Mimi banksxo 년 전 +1

      @Justyna S I’m sorry for your loss 🥺 and thank you ❤️

    • Justyna S
      Justyna S 년 전

      It was good!!! Your heart rate stays up.. I had to take some tie off but my boating was gone. If you do it often you'll def see a difference. I'm going to start again tomorrow

    • Justyna S
      Justyna S 년 전 +1

      @Mimi banksxo lol I'm soooo sorry! I did it for 2 weeks and then I had a loss in my family so I took some time off. But in those two weeks my bloating went away. I'm going to do it again starting tomorrow!

    • Mimi banksxo
      Mimi banksxo 년 전

      @Assel’ A she is definitely not gonna reply so I’ll do it and be back with the results. 😩

  • Paulina Isabel
    Paulina Isabel 년 전

    so excited to do this workout

  • idontwannabemelol
    idontwannabemelol 년 전 +302

    I don’t even work out but imma still watch✨

  • franceska alvarez

    Bret I love this ^^ I can already feel the cramps after by just imagining myself doing it. Nevertheless i'll try this one :)) You demn stretch it like a 👑

  • Miles Lopez
    Miles Lopez 년 전

    I accidentally stumbled upon bret's content and this inspired me to do heavy workouts again! Do more workout vids! I know you from the toast's among us content :)

  • Mia
    Mia 년 전 +1

    now I can call Bret my fav fitness influencer 😭 I really enjoyed this video

  • jennifer casillas

    Love these workouts!!!🥰