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We're BACK and We're eating my sister's Pregnancy Cravings

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2019. 12. 05.
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  • Pauline Ponders
    Pauline Ponders 2 년 전 +11707

    Princess talks so much more confident now. She’s glowin in and out

    • MEGz
      MEGz 년 전

      @Kianna Hunter I’m not acting first of all this is not a movie . Second of all I’m giving my own opinion based of what I see what are you on ?

    • Raven Yansu Snow
      Raven Yansu Snow 년 전

      Yes? That’s their whole dynamic. That’s how siblings usually act, especially in a Filipino family.

    • MEGz
      MEGz 년 전

      March Eclarin well we both are entitled to an opinion! But there OG dynamic was It sis . Now she’s in her own lil world thinking she’s self made but she was made off bretman. The least she could do is act more humble torwards the person that got her to where she is today. But she’s a hardheaded and thinks she’s right all the time . She’s a mess torwards bretman but it’s acceptable because they are family?

    • March Eclarin
      March Eclarin 년 전 +1

      @quinnthecairn I like her better now since bretman says that's how she really is behind the scenes.

    • March Eclarin
      March Eclarin 년 전 +1

      @MEGz She's confident with her brother and on camera now. That just makes her more real.

  • Jennifer Rose
    Jennifer Rose 2 년 전 +11118

    Princess is so pretty I swear and she’s got that pregnancy glow

  • Laura Rearick
    Laura Rearick 2 년 전 +10481

    He is so sweet to her because she’s pregnant. I love him 😭😭😭😭

  • Kabba Barua
    Kabba Barua 2 년 전 +3254

    I really felt the part when Princess said “I learned to really appreciate my family” and then Bretman was like “no matter how annoying they maybe”

    • avani ✿
      avani ✿ 년 전

      Cherrys sprite its just a simple correction-

    • Becky the bearded Dragon
      Becky the bearded Dragon 2 년 전

      I think they were just joking I joke around like that Yk

    • hola hehehe
      hola hehehe 2 년 전 +3

      Wassupitsalyourlilpallie Gurlie I love when people try to correct someone’s spelling error, then someone else is like “Oh, no that’s not right. So get out of KRclip” But you exactly excepted the truth when you knew you made a mistake to.

    • ZanderPander
      ZanderPander 2 년 전 +18

      @Wassupitsalyourlilpallie Gurlie .... There is "may be" and then there is "maybe". For this sentence "maybe" is wrong.

    • Allyzza Villaluz
      Allyzza Villaluz 2 년 전

      @ZanderPander yaz

  • cess
    cess 2 년 전 +5497

    Princess looks good when she's not wearing make up.

    • Grass Block
      Grass Block 년 전

      Some people have natural beauty, and some people rock makeup, and princess has that natural GLOW

    • tariq tarawneh
      tariq tarawneh 년 전 +1

      this is not a complement though

    • Brittney Caton
      Brittney Caton 년 전

      She looks good with makeup on too??

    • Bre
      Bre 년 전

      @Sammy Salavidra how we're lying tho? If it's true

    • March Eclarin
      March Eclarin 년 전 +1

      That filipina beauty ❤
      Make up or no she's an absolutely beautiful woman 😊😊😊

  • chicken thot pie
    chicken thot pie 2 년 전 +14989

    Daaaang when Princess said “yeah we wouldn’t be here without you guys but we wouldn’t be here without our dad either” she really hit the nail on the damn head with that preach sister 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Miz Santiago
    Miz Santiago 2 년 전 +11561

    I can’t believe how calm you guys are talking about “fans” showing up to your house after your father has passed, that’s extremely disrespectful to you guys and your family. Those aren’t fans, those are Inconsiderate prick’s who only care for we themselves.

  • Melgar
    Melgar 2 년 전 +1742

    Bret: Hispanics put lemon and salt on everything
    Me: *eating hot cheetos with lemon and salt*

    • kimi
      kimi 5 개월 전


    • Elizabeth Garcia
      Elizabeth Garcia 년 전 +2

      wait im late AF but... wait what? hot cheetos with lemon and SALT?!.. am I missing something strangely good.. I put lemon and Chamoy on my hot cheetos but never salt?... I'm sooo thrown off lol

    • Ajo Vie
      Ajo Vie 년 전 +1

      Greeks put lemon on everything. They are so extreme they even put lemon on lemon.

    • Hmm Pink
      Hmm Pink 년 전 +1

      Melissa Garcia ur welcome for 1k

    • yea
      yea 년 전 +1

      When he say that

  • dark angel ☽
    dark angel ☽ 2 년 전 +6744

    Those fans shouldn’t do that that’s so disrespectful

    • angel baby
      angel baby 3 개월 전

      Ikr. Like they're grieving and devastated by their dad's death and they're literally asking for pictures like wtf? Let them be and let them be with their family and their dad in peace. I know this happened like a few years ago, but I just wanted to comment on how I felt about the whole situation😭

    • Aaliyah ♡
      Aaliyah ♡ 10 개월 전

      Some of them didn't mean it in a disrespectful way

    • maevhs
      maevhs 11 개월 전

      @ilse carrasco wtf :((

    • Pierre
      Pierre 년 전

      They aren’t fans

    • xoxo .
      xoxo . 년 전 +4

      @ilse carrasco i’m sorry that happened to your dad and it must have been really hard for you. Ik you’re strong, You’re loved and you matter. 💕💕love u boo

  • Angela Natividad
    Angela Natividad 2 년 전 +4208

    She finally let out her filipino accent.

  • Valerie Marenco
    Valerie Marenco 2 년 전 +841

    You both need to try it the Latino way:
    Apples with lemon and salt
    Lettuce with lemon and salt
    Cucumbers with lemon and salt
    Pieces of lemon with salt
    Watermelon with lemon and salt
    Shredded carrot with lemon and salt
    Mango with lemon and salt

    • carlosxoxo
      carlosxoxo 10 개월 전

      am I the only one who eats lemon slices with salt?? it’s so good and I dunno if people eat it like that too

    • laura Vanessa
      laura Vanessa 년 전


    • Joselin Hernandez
      Joselin Hernandez 년 전

      You mean lime

    • Jayla 5397
      Jayla 5397 년 전 +1

      I like eating almost ripe or not ripe mango(any Philippine mango idk if other countries have the same mango here) and dip it in a soy sauce with brown sugar 😋

    • ° kentomakki + '
      ° kentomakki + ' 년 전 +1

      @Dani M. i reaally like it do

  • Meheata DUCHEK
    Meheata DUCHEK 2 년 전 +965

    Nobody on earth: ...
    Bretman: “I’m the baby inside her” 😹

  • Charisse Elaine
    Charisse Elaine 2 년 전 +1699

    Those “fans” should be ashamed of themselves!

    • NoNameO
      NoNameO 년 전

      @Jocelyn Bareno I’m not sure what I was on about, apologies. Have a great day

  • Guymingi
    Guymingi 2 년 전 +1255

    I feel like after this terrible moment in their it brought them closer

  • belovedhwa
    belovedhwa 2 년 전 +1205

    princess looks so much like cleo when she's bare faced. *WE STAN.*

    • Layla Moreno
      Layla Moreno 3 개월 전


    • Tea Sesh
      Tea Sesh 2 년 전

      NEW!! Bretman Rock and Princess Mae being siblings for 4 minutes straight krclip.com/video/9x6Cr6LD0Zg/비디오.html

    • Michelle Mejia
      Michelle Mejia 2 년 전 +6

      bittersweetrainbows you know what they mean, lol. 😂

    • bittersweetrainbows
      bittersweetrainbows 2 년 전 +60

      no cleo looks like princess 🤦‍♀️😂 .

  • Valerie Meza-Becerra
    Valerie Meza-Becerra 2 년 전 +761


    • ilayda
      ilayda 년 전 +2

      @Erlinda Quiza omg !! She is jusssttt 20 years old and mother of two?!!

    • devon
      devon 2 년 전 +26

      he predicted both of her pregnancies! and in this vid he said he thought she would have a boy and she is!!

    • Erlinda Quiza
      Erlinda Quiza 2 년 전 +8

      @M There was a video where he said that when Princess was pregnant with Cleo he dreamt about her being pregnant and she was, then before that video was filmed he dreamt about her being pregnant again and she was, again. 😊

    • Erlinda Quiza
      Erlinda Quiza 2 년 전 +34

      There was a video where he said that when Princess was pregnant with Cleo he dreamt about her being pregnant and she was, then before that video was filmed he dreamt about her being pregnant again and she was, again. 😊

  • Shanty
    Shanty 2 년 전 +901

    princess learning to say "macchiato" issa glo up fam

  • coffun
    coffun 2 년 전 +85

    There’s nothing wrong with siblings being civil like this with each other, it’s mature

    • WitchyGlam Fam
      WitchyGlam Fam 2 년 전 +1

      Agrees. But its Bret and princess. They always come for eachother lol

  • Kristienne Roll
    Kristienne Roll 년 전 +17

    Bretman being careful with his words and how she treats Princess because of her pregnancy is sooo sweet af

  • fairy
    fairy 2 년 전 +52

    Cleo with those iconic pictures shows that she is just gonna grow up as sassy like her Uncle

  • bitchysweetheart
    bitchysweetheart 년 전 +10

    I’m so sorry to hear about your fathers passing. I lost my dad at 12 and I’m about to be 24 so I understand that pain.. it never fully goes away but you learn to live with it.. always cherish the memories! I hope you all are doing better now and many blessings to you and yours 💖✨🌸 love you guys XXOO ❤️

  • leon
    leon 년 전 +86

    "cuz without turtle, we would'nt have any turtles"
    Bretman is such an asset

  • Anna Smith
    Anna Smith 년 전 +297

    It’s sad they even had to justify why they didn’t want to take pictures. They’re dad literally died and the fact some people can’t respect that is so sad.

  • Clxdas
    Clxdas 2 년 전 +6251

    *People who are saying they’re mean to each other doesn’t know what it’s like to have a sibling*

    • Komalpreet Kaur
      Komalpreet Kaur 년 전

      I am your 6k like 😎

    • Amanda vl ngaihsaki Roll no 1
      Amanda vl ngaihsaki Roll no 1 년 전 +1

      @りえし same haha.....

    • Yael Toiber Kent
      Yael Toiber Kent 년 전

      My sisters and I will not hold back when we're talking together

    • Valerìa
      Valerìa 2 년 전

      @Arianne Jose they dont punish is only yelling but i put a load music so

    • Arianne Jose
      Arianne Jose 2 년 전 +1

      @Valerìa i also talkback but what i meant is the punishment for talking Back,I Talkback when i needed to defend myself actually.


    i really felt that Bretman is trying sooo hard to hold back his tears and kind of heard his voice shaking a little .. i love their personalities 💜

  • LJ xyz
    LJ xyz 년 전 +1

    23:29 minutes of bretman and princess talking calmly without shouting and cursing.

  • gr4ceee222
    gr4ceee222 2 년 전 +3383

    not gonna lie. i thought there was a person behind the window...

  • big booty but a small back

    Princess is beautiful with and without makeup she’s glowing

  • Jayde M
    Jayde M 2 년 전 +2979

    The fact that Princess kept talking over him, or interrupting him and he didn’t say “ PRINCESS SHUT THE F*** UP “ 😂 was everything ❤️ I get they’re still healing though

    • RedShoes29
      RedShoes29 2 년 전 +2

      Can't really yell at a pregnant woman like that especially if the pregnancy is at the delicate stages

    • Sara
      Sara 2 년 전 +1

      @Clips i think that's true. My friend got pregnant young and her mom used to yell at her alot and they argued a lot and everytime that woman tried to hold him or come near him, he screamed bloody murder

    • Jayde M
      Jayde M 2 년 전 +8

      Hara Tan Their dad passed away, this past month, and I’m saying they’re still healing from his death...that’s why I said “ I get they’re still healing “ as seen maybe that’s why he’s not being loud or calling her names...he’s calm and trying to get back to himself it takes a lot of time for that, I lost my dad when I was 9 so and till now I’m still not over it

    • ffs I need a name change
      ffs I need a name change 2 년 전 +4

      @Sahara Saipoden their dad passed they said it like a bunch of times in the video

    • Sahara Saipoden
      Sahara Saipoden 2 년 전 +1

      Still healing? on what? Can u update me?

  • p@tr0ck
    p@tr0ck 2 년 전 +7

    Yooo! Bettman straight up LOVES HIS FANS. He took the time to say Hi to every single person who wanted to say Hi and take a picture during his graduation, all the way until the evening, and he was by himself. He doesnt have a facade. Hes the realest man.

  • Kayden Garcia
    Kayden Garcia 2 년 전 +70

    Bretman talking:😀😄😅😀
    Princess: eating her corn
    The cat: *Not knowing what the fridge is goin on*

  • deborah bora
    deborah bora 2 년 전 +10

    such raw content and so sweet even when you dont "have" to be. very strong i admire and applaud you both. much love and prayers

  • Laci Hawkins
    Laci Hawkins 2 년 전 +1

    You two really are great individuals. You can tell you were raised right. Whenever y'all talk about drama you are so calm and respectful and that speaks volumes. I'm so sorry people disrespected you and I'm so sorry for your loss. We love you two!

  • Forest Blue
    Forest Blue 2 년 전 +2809

    Bretmans secret ability: *knowing if someone is pregnant*

    • Mae Torres
      Mae Torres 2 년 전


    • Pandakopandaaaa
      Pandakopandaaaa 2 년 전

      she a psychic o whateva

    • SBJade
      SBJade 2 년 전 +1

      It was definitely some sort of cosmic vision or something I don’t even know. God or the universe or something 😹 it’s speaking thru him

    • Kookie Bunny
      Kookie Bunny 2 년 전 +4

      Is she pregnant im confused

    • Zahraa D
      Zahraa D 2 년 전 +2

      Hannah Singh 😂😂

  • Izz A
    Izz A 2 년 전 +112

    Princess looks like a pretty matured woman. She's pretty

  • Idc Abtu
    Idc Abtu 2 년 전 +84

    The cat in the back is such a mood.

  • 유정
    유정 년 전 +4

    i love how bretman celebrates his family SO much. respect 👍

  • Jojo yolo
    Jojo yolo 2 년 전

    So sorry for your loss prayers and love to you both always!!

  • Taylor Ortiz
    Taylor Ortiz 2 년 전 +2790

    Princess explained it perfectly.
    “Yeah we wouldn’t be here without you guys but we wouldn’t be here without our dad too.”
    Just really puts it into perspective
    Sending lots of love your way 💖

  • y15
    y15 2 년 전 +1

    I love how their outfits are always color coordinated, and matching. #siblinggoals

  • Eternity Flowers
    Eternity Flowers 2 년 전 +5

    The support and positivity in the section is almost unreal sis 💛💛💛

  • Gab
    Gab 2 년 전

    *Cleo Amore* is such a pretty name! I wonder what would she name her 2nd baby ❤

  • m e l i n d a
    m e l i n d a 년 전

    Coming back to this video because this was the start of their relationship being calm 😆🤎🤗🤎 love the bond

  • Miss Believer
    Miss Believer 2 년 전 +4247

    "We wouldn't be here without you guys but we wouldn't be here without our dad also." YES!

    • Z z
      Z z 2 년 전 +1

      peachy Nobody had nothing else to say because the comment said it all

    • Ramil Ruiz
      Ramil Ruiz 2 년 전 +1

      Can someone give me a time stop of it??? Pleaseeeeee

    • em s
      em s 2 년 전 +1

      and that’s on PERIODT

    • big bro
      big bro 2 년 전 +4

      Ugh It’s Javier Period luv💅🏽

    • Ugh It’s Javier
      Ugh It’s Javier 2 년 전 +2

      And that’s on whattt ?

  • hope jackson
    hope jackson 년 전 +1

    I really enjoy your presentations. You guys have grown so much and I look forward to the evolution!

  • Jungkook’s Bananamilk

    I’m sorry for your lost😔💔 I love you Brentman! Keep up the good work! I’m a huge fan!!❤️

  • Lalrammuanpuii 127

    I just really love your relationship 😂❤️❤️

  • Kira Shields
    Kira Shields 2 년 전 +8

    I LOVE Princess’s natural face. She has such a beautiful complexion

  • whendy
    whendy 2 년 전 +1974

    I just love how Bretman and Princess remain so grounded. Their mom really raised them well
    ps. Almost 2k likes, MA I'M FAMOUS! 😂 Lol jk.

    • whendy
      whendy 2 년 전

      @lєѕlιє That's what makes them unique and raw hahahahaah

    • whendy
      whendy 2 년 전

      @andrei hi hahaha

    • whendy
      whendy 2 년 전 +1

      @Sarah Hernández haha yeah

    • Taryn Hall
      Taryn Hall 2 년 전

      **-Lelie-**- Mini-** lmao yeah

    • lєѕlιє
      lєѕlιє 2 년 전 +2

      dohyonini _x1 lol but then thy curse each other out haha 😂

  • Jennyfer Lopez
    Jennyfer Lopez 2 년 전 +9

    She raised her hand when she said “I have a question” hahaha so cute

  • s0yummy
    s0yummy 2 년 전

    I adore you guys!!! You both take time for mental wellness when you need to!! Mae, all your food cravings is what I crave even though I'm not preggo LOL. I should try the corn with vinegar

  • Sarah-may Wilson

    Honestly.. princess looks so beautiful! Completely fresh faced and glowing!

  • Zeirrin Aranda
    Zeirrin Aranda 2 년 전 +6

    Princess looks so good without makeup!! She is literally glowing!😂❤️

  • Diana Gee
    Diana Gee 2 년 전 +228

    “Yeah we wouldn’t be here without you guys, but we wouldn’t be here without our dad either” 😔💔

  • Brisa.-.Garza
    Brisa.-.Garza 2 년 전 +1

    i love u guys bc y’all still love and are still so very kind as much as possible to everyone even after ur father passed and ur “fans” disrespected u guys by showing up u guys are amazing I’m sooo very sorry for ur loss and for the disrespectful fans us true fans truly apologize for there behavior please stay strong U guys got this and don’t feel he need to rush back into social media we totally understand if u need a break anyways we love u guys Nd ur family with all our hearts and hope y’all are doing well ❤️

  • wooa
    wooa 2 년 전

    proud of you bretman

  • Tiarne Albert
    Tiarne Albert 2 년 전 +5

    Princess is literally glowing ✨ I love that for her

  • M. Imogen
    M. Imogen 2 년 전 +2637

    I love how he’s not that rude to Princess on this video just because of her pregnancy. 🤣

    • M. Imogen
      M. Imogen 2 년 전 +1

      Nicole Pearl Yeah.... 🥺

    • jr.
      jr. 2 년 전 +7

      Irrish Charm not rude on bretman level lol

    • Ayana Camarillo
      Ayana Camarillo 2 년 전

      Ikr hahahah

    • kaee
      kaee 2 년 전

      M. Imogen ikr HAHAHHA

  • bardilyrics
    bardilyrics 2 년 전 +1

    Bretman is being so nice to her in this 😂

  • Marissa Anaya
    Marissa Anaya 2 년 전

    I just wanna day I love you both from afar and I give you my deepest condolences , and wish you guy’s strength everyday to heal from that pain of losing your father. I love your guys dynamic , makes me feel like my fam isn’t crazy 😂♥️

  • brandon Bicalho
    brandon Bicalho 년 전

    the cat really had me mesmerized for awhile waiting for its next move hahaha 😂

  • um yeah it’s Kat here

    when I feel like having something sweet, I blend up avocado with sweetened condensed milk and a little bit of brown sugar and of course ice, all in a food processor because I like when the consistency is more edible than drinkable

  • Nasrin Hashim
    Nasrin Hashim 2 년 전 +450

    Why does princess looks better when she's pregnant like I can see her glowing🥰

    • no u
      no u 2 년 전

      @anette I thought it was them just eating what she ate during her last pregnancy...

    • anette
      anette 2 년 전 +3

      no u the video is literally tiled “..eating my sisters pregnancy cravings”..

    • no u
      no u 2 년 전 +2

      She's pregnant?? She looks so good

    • lumierefgh
      lumierefgh 2 년 전 +12

      Hormones work well

  • Ava Freeze-hrncirik

    I love the sibling bickering and they are my favourite videos 😂💗

  • Novena Ann Galang
    Novena Ann Galang 4 개월 전

    I keep coming back to bret's videos and i like eating with them it feels like im there

  • Stacy S
    Stacy S 2 년 전 +9

    13:52 Princess is me presenting a presentation and Bretmam is my bestfriend telling me what to say 😂🤣😂

  • Savannah Davis
    Savannah Davis 2 년 전

    i love you bretman and i wish your family the best ❤️

  • dari
    dari 2 년 전 +1240

    When Bretman said Latinos put lime and salt in everything I REALLY felt that, we really do, how are we supposed to eat taquitos and carne asada without it?
    Edit. Yes, I am aware not all Latinos like lime and salt and chile or things like that, but it is part of our culture jaja it’s great that we can all enjoy different things and like things spicy or not, that’s part of why our culture has so many delicious dishes

    • idk
      idk 2 년 전

      YESSS bro i put lemon in EVERYTHING

    • Ayleen xx
      Ayleen xx 2 년 전

      + salsa 👀🥺🔥🔥

    • Jackie Cuevas
      Jackie Cuevas 2 년 전

      cucumers with salt and lime, chips, apples

    • YOOPI
      YOOPI 2 년 전

      Vivi Gonzalez same or she’ll put salt on lemon 💀

  • Theoune
    Theoune 2 년 전

    Sorry for your loss !! Princess is so pretty, pregnancy suits her really well ❤️❤️😍😍

  • Liz Bourque
    Liz Bourque 2 년 전

    My condolences darlings, I’m so sorry you guys couldn’t see him before he passed and much less had to deal with issues with people showing up. Love you both and I’m so happy your parents were supportive of your sexuality and living your true life; that truly is amazing. ❤️

  • Hokage Slayer
    Hokage Slayer 2 년 전

    I love you ❤️ wish nothing but love and joy for your success !

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 2 년 전

    My father passed away a few years ago and I feel you guys. Sending love and light your way ✨

  • kaminari denki
    kaminari denki 2 년 전 +4481

    honestly, even if they did drag those “fans” out, i wouldn’t be mad at bretman and his family. it’s so incredibly rude to just drop by unannounced on a grieving family bcos you feel entitled to their time and attention for being “fans”

    • jen gamones
      jen gamones 2 년 전 +1

      Chynna Lee also they asked fans specifically not to make edits about the topic of their dads passing but the fans didnt listen and now they’re getting tagged in all the edits :(

    • Faby Ortiz
      Faby Ortiz 2 년 전 +1

      That’s true

    • Chynna Lee
      Chynna Lee 2 년 전 +8

      I believe the same thing happened to the Dolan Twins too. Fans literally showed up to their dad or family members funeral and did the same thing. The younger generation of kids now a days who think that is okay, are delusional. They think just because you watch someone on KRclip every single day and you feel somewhat "closer" to them but there is a clear cut line on what is okay and what is not okay. Samantha Ravndahl here on KRclip did a podcast on "parasocial relationships" and this definitely falls into that category.

    • CW
      CW 2 년 전 +19

      Jesus why is it so hard to grasp that showing put to a funeral for someone you don’t know it tacky af and not okay at all

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