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Spelling Bee - feat. My sister

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  • 게시일 2018. 07. 06.
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댓글 • 102 082

  • X VI
    X VI 년 전 +9752

    Bretman already doing social distancing before covid lol

  • Nicoleta t
    Nicoleta t 2 년 전 +2327

    I don't care if she doesn't know those simple things and everybody is saying that shes's stupid. I love her enthusiasm, the fact that nothing is bothering her and she is just herself. It takes courage. You go girl!!!

    • ♡ cherry sprinkles ♡
      ♡ cherry sprinkles ♡ 4 개월 전 +6

      @YYX ok and??? Get over it

    • 𝓴𝓸𝔃𝓾𝓶𝓮
      𝓴𝓸𝔃𝓾𝓶𝓮 4 개월 전 +12

      @YYX why is it that important if she can't spell psychology ?? world's not gonna end just cause Princess can't spell simple words lmao

    • YYX
      YYX 5 개월 전 +1

      @Nobody 1 neither is mine

    • Nobody 1
      Nobody 1 5 개월 전 +9

      @YYX English isn't her first language

    • YYX
      YYX 6 개월 전 +2

      It takes courage to do not know even basic things? Thats not courage, thats ignorance. Centuries of world’s best minds trying to understand our world and make this knowledge available to everyone and Princess doesnt know how to spell psychology…

  • Sophia Eilleen
    Sophia Eilleen 2 년 전 +11266

    princess: *lightly touches bret*

    • Mvc
      Mvc 10 개월 전

      That’s literally me and my little brother lol

    • Prinsesa ng mga patatas
      Prinsesa ng mga patatas 11 개월 전


    • Mvc
      Mvc 년 전 +1

      That’s literally me with my brother , he touches me the slightest I -

    • Bangs Matter
      Bangs Matter 년 전

      @Camila Lopez lol join them, and spell breathe again, you can have this comment for reviewing. Lol

    • nt
      nt 년 전 +5

      *me and my sister*

  • beep°•bop
    beep°•bop 2 년 전 +5141


    • Madelyn Quibote
      Madelyn Quibote 8 개월 전

      @beep°•bop i got psychology and science

    • Rey Cinco
      Rey Cinco 년 전 +8

      @Yin Long Bruh, I know a lot of peeps who grew up in Canada who can't spell properly, so no lol.

    • beep°•bop
      beep°•bop 년 전 +9

      @Yin Long same goes for bret lol i got the psychology one from bret not may 🤣

    • Yin Long
      Yin Long 년 전 +25

      I don’t English is her main language

  • EN connect
    EN connect 2 년 전 +2940

    Dude literally I died when he said " is it 2 or inches that u don't understand!""😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Soobinie Kookie
    Soobinie Kookie 2 년 전 +2128

    I love princess but she did made me feel smarter after watching this vid LOL

  • 사니짱~
    사니짱~ 년 전 +769

    bret: "whats your favourite type of science?"
    Mae: "physical science"
    bret: "Physics?"
    Mae: "EaRTh"

  • J l 16
    J l 16 2 년 전 +613

    She is like that sweet stylish sister who is dumb but so innocent and humble person...

    • GTPang
      GTPang 8 개월 전 +37

      @gordonsrightarm Innocence isn't only about sex and stuff, there's so much more to it

    • Tamya Smith
      Tamya Smith 8 개월 전 +20

      @gordonsrightarm use your common sense...

    • chicken grease
      chicken grease 년 전 +60

      @gordonsrightarm I don't think that's the kind of Innocent they mean

    • gordonsrightarm
      gordonsrightarm 년 전 +7

      shes so innocent that she has a child😱

  • Lee Know is cute
    Lee Know is cute 2 년 전 +722

    The way Bretman ask Siri “how do you fckn’ spell mathematics” is so damn iconic

  • Esme Cortez
    Esme Cortez 년 전 +364

    Brteman: is it a noun or a verb
    Princess: idk
    Bretman: do u even know what a verb is?
    Princess: a verb is a noun.
    I’m dying 🤣🤣

  • Sadi sadi
    Sadi sadi 10 개월 전 +43

    I laughed so hard with the word “cloying” 😂 she said the meaning was: overly ‘sweat’ and used it in a wrong sentence like she said she went jogging and cloying like that haha. Cloying means too much sweet and sentimental

  • Laughing Man With a Moustache

    Their laughs are so contagious, I can't lmao-

  • Geane Louise Mendoza
    Geane Louise Mendoza 3 년 전 +12730

    “Wtf is 2 inches not clear for you b*tch!? Is it TWO or INCHES that you don’t understand?!”

    • Zahrah
      Zahrah 2 년 전 +1

      Geane Louise Mendoza 1:01 killlled me 😂

    • kqnnma
      kqnnma 2 년 전 +1

      *i love that moment.*

    • Ayesha Jade
      Ayesha Jade 2 년 전 +1

      So funny😂😂😂

    • Gucci. _.dxmelio
      Gucci. _.dxmelio 2 년 전 +1

      Omg I was at that part XD

    • Nicholle Navarro
      Nicholle Navarro 2 년 전 +1

      Geane Louise Mendoza not even 30 seconds into the video!! Lmao I’m dying !

  • faded
    faded 11 개월 전 +126

    *mae admires herself*
    bret : .... GOD MAE, MOVE!!

    • faded
      faded 11 개월 전 +1

      @Stewie Griffin loll

    • Stewie Griffin
      Stewie Griffin 11 개월 전 +2


  • J
    J 년 전 +63

    I’m literally laughing so hard with Bretman bullying her sister 😂😂😂

  • Juicie T
    Juicie T 년 전 +677

    I come here when I’m depressed, it goes away for a while cuz y’all got me dead

  • laura the explorer
    laura the explorer 년 전 +77

    the way they’re literally so bothered by each other never stops sending me AHAHAHAH

  • Serena Jonnas
    Serena Jonnas 2 년 전 +7873

    “She can’t spell cause she didn’t eat this morning”😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

  • Jessica Amber
    Jessica Amber 10 일 전

    Coming back to this video and laughing hysterically.
    “A verb is a noun.” - Mae

  • mayeli
    mayeli 2 년 전 +883

    “Oh wow she can’t spell all of a sudden cause she didn’t EAT” 😭💀💀💀

  • MadisonKenzie
    MadisonKenzie 2 년 전 +111

    I love her pink hair and their co ordinated colour scheme 💕😂

  • Lea Robles
    Lea Robles 2 년 전 +6

    I cannot count the number of eyerolls Bretman did the whole video 😂😂😂
    Love them both. 💖

  • Liz
    Liz 3 년 전 +2925

    “Oh wow she can’t spell all of a sudden because she didn’t eat this morning” Literally me 😂

  • Carren Erasmus
    Carren Erasmus 년 전 +6

    I loved the breath part. Infact I love everything! You guys truly make my day!

  • penncakes
    penncakes 년 전 +23

    I like how she would still do these kind of videos with him knowing she’s bad at it hahaha!


    Her laugh is everything

  • Supriya Gautam
    Supriya Gautam 년 전 +210

    But he spelled psychology wrong himself 😭

  • MValentina C
    MValentina C 3 년 전 +2327

    I watched this video sober and I thought it was funny. I just watched this high and I’m fucking dying of laughter
    Bretman: “Don’t. Touch. MEEEEEEEEEEEEE” 9:33

  • idfw nubs
    idfw nubs 년 전 +2

    If I need a good laugh, I always come back to this video. Lol

  • Nancy The one and only
    Nancy The one and only 2 년 전 +21

    Princess has such a unique laugh I love it

  • Bi
    Bi 년 전 +4

    I love how sexy and chill Princess’ face always remains even when Bretman be yellin🤣🤣😂She has this like...she’s simultaneously sensual chill and funny

  • snowflakefrost
    snowflakefrost 2 개월 전

    HHAHAHAHAH I love you guys. You both are entertaining. 💖

  • Froggy Kermit
    Froggy Kermit 3 년 전 +76

    Bretman: “what’s your favorite type of science?”
    Princess: “physical science”
    Bretman: “physics”
    Princess: “...Earth”
    Bretman: “...we’re just gonna move on”
    I just thought that was funny 😄
    This was my favorite part for sure

    • JenTV
      JenTV 3 년 전

      Oh my God same!!!! Hahaha

    • Jabriel
      Jabriel 3 년 전 +1

      Froggy Kermit LMAO samee

  • Chelsea D
    Chelsea D 년 전 +2

    this will always be my go to video for a laugh .. so iconic

  • Baker's Forest
    Baker's Forest 8 개월 전 +1

    This guy never fails to make us laugh😂😂😂

  • studio records
    studio records 8 개월 전 +1

    He’s so funny 😂 he never holds back in the last video he said her breath smells lol
    Girl you both have grate energy love watching from the uk England

  • Jen L
    Jen L 년 전 +1

    These two are sweet and brave to share their lives... ty girls!

  • Andreina
    Andreina 3 년 전 +294

    I always thought Bret was kidding when he talked about princess failing her classes but homegirl can’t even spell the subjects she’s been taking for years 😂😂😂

  • Holly Dudley
    Holly Dudley 2 년 전 +2

    anyone else thinking that from all the times theyve questioned themselves being smart, u see princess over here spelling science wrong and ur just like damn, im not that bad! No hate to bret or princess they are both wonderful and smart humans! I love you guys! Youre so funny!

  • K Mtz
    K Mtz 년 전 +1

    Bret, I really love your channel, but stop putting your sister down, she is down to earth, smart and loving. Give her more love and respect.

  • Sydnee M
    Sydnee M 년 전 +4

    Spelling can be hard to do without writing it down or typing it and seeing what you’re doing !. 😂❤️

  • Certified_armblink 1
    Certified_armblink 1 5 개월 전

    Your videos with your sister are so funny and entertaining Brent 😭❤️

  • Andrea Estrada
    Andrea Estrada 3 년 전 +5972

    Bretman:whats your favorite type of science
    Princess:physical science
    Bretman:im just gonna move on

  • desiree__23
    desiree__23 2 년 전 +3

    I love how they’re always matching 😆

    KPOP QUEENs 9 개월 전

    I have watched this like 10 times and it's still really funny.

  • Stan iKON
    Stan iKON 년 전 +3

    I thought their words would be like "pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism" 😂
    This is so funny, this video made my day 😂


    Her laugh is everything

  • Hajrah Ahmed
    Hajrah Ahmed 3 년 전 +2890

    Favourite part
    Princess: "I didn't eat this morning as well"
    Bret: "oh woww she can't spell all of a sudden cus she didn't eat"
    IM DONE😂😂😂😭😭

    • a
      a 3 년 전 +2


  • Alltheway
    Alltheway 년 전 +2

    I come here every now and then for a laugh 😂

  • Lola Xaysombath
    Lola Xaysombath 9 개월 전 +1


  • Alexandra Martinez
    Alexandra Martinez 2 년 전

    I love their sibling relationship. No one else should treat his sister like shit..

  • -uglyhag-
    -uglyhag- 2 년 전 +17

    I’ve never laughed so hard😂

  • Shannen Angcla
    Shannen Angcla 3 년 전 +1295

    "Give me a word, Give me a hard one"
    "I don't know, I don't even know how to say the hard one"
    Bretman's face was like 'I'M DONE' 😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏

  • h.
    h. 2 년 전 +12

    Man they already got me laughing 5 seconds into the video😂

  • shriya srivastava
    shriya srivastava 8 개월 전

    i see mae looking at bret for help and bret is so proud when she spells maths correct
    ...so cute

  • Carissa Delicia
    Carissa Delicia 2 년 전 +4

    Bretman: What's your favorite type of science?
    Princess: Physical science.
    Bretman: Physics?
    Princess: ...earth.
    Me shouting to my screen: THAT'S GEOGRAPHY!!!!

  • Lauren Chloe
    Lauren Chloe 2 년 전

    I love all your videos omg you two are so funny 😂💜

  • 사랑keilana
    사랑keilana 3 년 전 +15796

    Mae's worst nightmare... *a spelling bee*

  • irehology★
    irehology★ 년 전 +1

    brentman: what's your favorite type of science?
    princess: physical science
    brentman: ...physics?
    princess: earth
    at this point I'm so done that I'm starting to see this as normal.

  • Songbird Isa
    Songbird Isa 년 전 +3

    Is it me or is Bret sister becoming more and more beautiful? .. 😊💛

  • Michele Le
    Michele Le 2 년 전 +2

    Can’t stop rewatching it. Love u both 👁👄👁

  • vineela Anakarla
    vineela Anakarla 4 개월 전

    The amount of times I've watched this is sickening 😂

  • Ehjee Hipolito
    Ehjee Hipolito 3 년 전 +1521

    Bret: What's your favorite type of science?
    Mae: Physical Science
    Bret: Physics?
    Mae: EARTH

    • J MY
      J MY 2 년 전

      'Im just gonna move on.'

    • Anu Malla Trzaska
      Anu Malla Trzaska 2 년 전 +3

      She probably likes geography but she probably doesn't know how to say or spell it 🤗🤗she sounds so innocent though

    • Anu Malla Trzaska
      Anu Malla Trzaska 2 년 전


    • Jada Collins-Jackson
      Jada Collins-Jackson 2 년 전 +21

      @Wasabiわさび i mean shes right. physical science is like geology and stuff

    • Jyne Maylan
      Jyne Maylan 3 년 전 +13

      She's right tho

  • swetha Kandhaswamy
    swetha Kandhaswamy 7 개월 전 +1

    I enjoyed this video soo much 🤣🤣

  • Shafiqa Zukulfeli
    Shafiqa Zukulfeli 년 전 +8

    It took me an hour to finish this cause I keep repeating Bretman screaming at Princess every 5 seconds lmao

  • Karina Dior
    Karina Dior 년 전 +2

    This video made my day I never laughed so hard

  • Rainbow Salt
    Rainbow Salt 년 전 +4

    it must be hard being sibling's with princess 😆

  • Neha Tommy
    Neha Tommy 7 개월 전 +6


  • Mohd Ashraff
    Mohd Ashraff 3 개월 전

    I would NEVER get over this video. Best combo ever 😩😂

  • Mika Yasay
    Mika Yasay 년 전 +6

    They make me laugh all the time even the start

  • Nezuko
    Nezuko 년 전 +2

    Princess looks so pretty with pink hair! Such an iconic look✨✨✨

  • Louie's Life
    Louie's Life 3 년 전 +207

    11:02 HAD ME DEADDDD😂

    • KJ
      KJ 3 년 전

      Louie's Life ommmmggggg

    • Violet
      Violet 3 년 전

      Aye I love you Louie!❤❤❤

    • April ???
      April ??? 3 년 전

      I love you !!!🖤

    • Jurnee
      Jurnee 3 년 전

      Literally SAME the face was everything

    • Marisol Real
      Marisol Real 3 년 전

      Love u louie❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • baddievibess
    baddievibess 4 개월 전 +1

    Bretman: What’s your favourite type of science?
    Princess: Physical Science
    Bretman: Physics
    Princess: 💅💅earthhh

  • Angel Bhutia
    Angel Bhutia 6 개월 전 +1

    Brentman:"what's your favourite type of science"
    Mae:"physical science"
    Mae: "eArTh ....physical"
    ..... I'm not the brightest person but I think that's called geography

  • Janhavi
    Janhavi 년 전

    I love watching the both of you.

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 년 전

    I love watching them both but these was so frustrating 😅😂😂

  • cornflops
    cornflops 2 년 전 +2120

    Bretman: "i have STIGMATISM"
    Bretman: "is that the eye condition stigmatism"
    Bretman: "yeah cause when i go to the eye doctors i see that word"
    Bretman: "yeah i got it right i got one point"
    Princess: "no it's not"
    Bretman: " STIGMA"
    Princess: "how do you spell stigma?"
    Bretman: "YOU'RE LOOKING AT IT"
    Princess: "it's a simple *disgrace, your eyes are disgrace* "
    i can't stop laughing 😂

    • Swanie K.Sangma
      Swanie K.Sangma 2 년 전 +6

      I think he meant 'Astigmatism'.

    • snake lover
      snake lover 2 년 전 +2

      I read that as it played in the video-

    • Val
      Val 2 년 전 +11

      iilyaa the funny thing is it’s called an astigmatism 😭💀

    • Johanna Dio
      Johanna Dio 2 년 전 +6

      She said its a symbol of disgrace*

  • Marian Carmelo
    Marian Carmelo 8 개월 전 +3

    We all miss Brentman’s content like this

  • Meara Austero
    Meara Austero 2 년 전 +1

    I was literally smiling throughout the whole video

  • Jessica Lora
    Jessica Lora 2 년 전

    These two amazing people are damn funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Camila Ruiz
    Camila Ruiz 2 년 전 +1

    Is it just me or does Princess looks so good with pink hair?

  • Hersea N
    Hersea N 년 전 +2

    Highlight of this video starts at 8:00 ... had my dying omfg!!! watched this video multiple times already 😂😂😂

  • Kusumanjali R
    Kusumanjali R 2 년 전


  • Arya
    Arya 년 전 +3

    Princess trying to annoy bret by touching him is the most funny thing 😂😂😂😂

  • Danii Kaboom
    Danii Kaboom 10 개월 전

    Lol idk why I laughed so hard when I seen Bret spell mukbang wrong in my recommended 😂

  • Shane Agustin
    Shane Agustin 3 년 전 +136

    Bretman: What’s your favourite type of Science?
    Princess: Physical Science.
    Bretman: So, Physics?
    Princess: Earth.
    Bretman: I’m just gonna move on.

  • Mj Hermonio
    Mj Hermonio 년 전 +1

    her laugh is everything.

  • Trixie Anne Tagatac
    Trixie Anne Tagatac 2 년 전 +8

    Princess trying to spell Psychology made me laugh soooo hardddd!!!

  • Franz Alpay
    Franz Alpay 2 년 전

    Rewatching this and im still gagging!!!!! I love Princess so much!!!!

  • steffxluv
    steffxluv 2 년 전 +21

    Me: For years I've been very careful to not drop my phone
    Also Princess and Bretman: *throws phone*

  • xoxo fairy puffs xoxo
    xoxo fairy puffs xoxo 10 개월 전

    Princess looks so pretty with pink and this green! Works so well!

  • Vilma Gomez
    Vilma Gomez 년 전 +14


  • user
    user 6 개월 전

    i can’t stop laughing oml i love bretman

  • We Are One
    We Are One 년 전 +1

    They are so relatable 😂

  • peachy issa
    peachy issa 3 년 전 +308

    Bret: What's your favorite type of Science?
    Princess: Physical Science.
    Bret: So, Physics?
    Princess: Earth.
    Bret: I'm just gonna move on.

      ANNIZER ID 3 년 전

      Im just like when theyre say “ macchiato “ and “ stigma” i also thinking about bts songs wkwkw

    • draco simp
      draco simp 3 년 전


  • Manuel Quintanilla
    Manuel Quintanilla 10 개월 전 +1

    Cleo: Mommy, can you help me spell science??-
    Princesse: Let me just do something hold up..
    Goggles, up *science*
    Cleo: Saw that mommy, was searching, *science*

  • Simmy Vlogs
    Simmy Vlogs 년 전 +4

    bretman and princess been social distancing two minutes in the video, we stan psychic queens

  • Jessie Lumawag
    Jessie Lumawag 년 전 +64

    ‘Your breath stinks that even your mouth is gagging’
    IM DEAD 😂😂😭

  • Hedjara Sarip
    Hedjara Sarip 년 전

    For me, this is your funniest video so far 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Yvonne Thomas
    Yvonne Thomas 3 년 전 +90

    Bretman : “what’s your favorite type of science”
    Princess: “physical science”
    Bretman: “physics”
    Princess: “earth”
    Bretman: “I’m just gonna move on”
    Lol love you bretman and princess 💞